In fact, Superman is so fast that he has traveled into the past and the future by flying faster than the speed of light. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Vs Superman: Who Would Win? Blue with little effort could also one shot a moon also implying he's far stronger than that so again... Additionally this isn't all lore supes it's post crisis supes iirc or flashpoint due to the time it was made so what feats does supes have to for those eras that blow blue marvel out of the water? I thought Ewing was going to do SOMETHING with him in the Ultimates since he kept yapping about "him letting lose" and yet he never did jack. @abelhsu: yes it does. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Blue Marvel has no feats to put him on Superman's level. This attack is so powerful that it can vaporize Vegeta on the spot. ", Superman is stronger than Thor So I don't see how that's possible for Blue Marvel to be stronger than Superman yet weaker than Thor. So when did you start your middle name posts in the battle forums? " With every Saiyan transformation, Vegeta's skills are only enhanced and the Super Saiyan Blue form is comparable to some Gods. @natealgaus: "Fixing" my post doesn't prove me wrong. Blue Marvel is a planet buster, how is he not on Supermans level? That is one of the many reasons why Vegeta and Goku are able to transform time and again. It is very difficult to beat Superman, especially if someone isn't exploiting his Kryptonian weaknesses. show 1 reply . Blue Marvel has no feats to put him on Superman's level. Unfortunately for the Saiyan Prince, the Super Saiyan Blue form wouldn't be enough. Hyperion fighting Thor does not make him on the same tier. It's one of Superman's most underrated abilities and it usually allows him to have a good look at the state of things before going berserk. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. How do you guys think Blue Marvel would do in a knock down dragout against DC's golden boy Superman. Am I reading this right....? For what possible reason? Superman stomps. Vegeta's reflexes are out of this world in this form. Blue Marvel has a wider range of abilities...I'd say he wins in an epic battle!! Be it in the sky or on the ground, Superman is incredibly fast and while Vegeta is quite fast himself, he is not at the level of the Man of Steel. It is in their genes. Follow 3533. @King Saturn said: " Blue Marvel should win here. when Superman was weaker, Tow the moon all across Earth with Wonder Woman and Kyle Rayner at speeds to where they were igniting fire, Pull 1/3 of the Earth with Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter, Pull 1/2 the Earth with Hal Jordan while it was being pulled in by Starbreaker, Throw a moon-sized ship out the Solar System with ease, Punch Lobo the moon with ease while on Earth, Punch Wonder Woman from the Sun to Earth, one shotting her in the process at FTL speeds, Hit the Black Racer hard enough to where Clark cracked half the moon as a side effect, Cleaved through a moon of Saturn like it was made of cheese, Destroyed a moon while going FTL into an oncoming Shadow Moon that was also going FTL, Destroyed a Meteor with incredible ease that was capable of destroying Earth, Can hit hard enough to split the moon in half when he was fighting Black Adam, Punches capable of shattering small planets while fighting Konvict, Punches capable of shattering worlds when Clark's fist collided with Kal-L's fist, Shaking the entire Solar System while fighting Darkseid, Tanking being punched with the force of a planet, His body tanking being punched through the Earth from one side to the other, The destruction of Pluto with his ears ringing as a side effect, Easily take the collision of New Genesis and Apokolips colliding onto Clark, Survive an attack from Starbreaker that had the force of a Nova. How do you guys think 3 years ago. The same KH who has no feats on Superman's level? Superman would wrecks he displays a superior striking force, speed, stamina, durability... etc. Anti-matter is is the same as normal matter except that the sub-atomic particles are the opposite charge. It turns out, he isn't and while it is a surprise, Superman has always relied on his dangerous superpowers and freakish strength to get the job done. Superman, on the other hand, doesn't have quick reflexes like Vegeta and that is a disadvantage in a fight. BM would have to mix in some scientific attack with his energy manipulation. Superman is always in an advantageous position against an opponent he hasn't faced before. Going into the battle, Clark Kent would be the favorite. Fight takes place on a moon of Jupiter that's uninhabited.

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