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A licensing agreement should be a basic part of your photography or other art-related business. • This agreement and will be terminated by either party giving sixty days written notice to the other party. What you are doing is selling permission to use that work in a certain way for a certain length of time. Relationship of the Parties: The parties agree that Artist is an independent contractor and that neither Artist nor Artist’s employees or contract personnel are, or shall be deemed to be, employees of Client. Neither party is authorized to act as agent or bind the other party except as expressly stated in this Agreement. Delivery: Artist may select delivery of photographs in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or other standard formats at a resolution that Artist determines will be suitable for the Images as licensed. Images may contain copyright management information (CMI) at the discretion of the Artist in the form of either 1) a copyright notice © and/or 2) other copyright and ownership information embedded in the metadata or elsewhere unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties. When the Copyright Act was first enacted in the United States, the copyright duration was only 14 years. Creation: The manner and method of creating any Image is solely at the discretion of Artist and the Client has no right to control Artist’s manner and method of performance under this Agreement. Please see our legal disclaimer before using this document. As a photographer and Patent Attorney with a background in marketing, Steve has a unique perspective on art and law. As you can see, the licensing agreement sample is long and full of legalese, all necessary for your protection but not necessarily helpful in ensuring that your Client understands the terms. Also, it will be helpful to review each element  the agreement as well as the variable terms with the client. CoffeeArt asks you to contact their attorney. Relationship of the Parties: The parties agree that Artist is an independent contractor and that neither Artist nor Artist’s employees or contract personnel are, or shall be deemed to be, employees of Client. %PDF-1.5 h�̘mo�6�� ARTIST MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT. %PDF-1.4 %���� #��^F2���'� �V endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 34 0 obj <>stream Any such provisions will be revised as required to make them enforceable. Who holds the Copyright in AI Created Art. If full payment has not been received within thirty (30) days all rights are revoked at Artist’s discretion. ��C9$�ف�~����Tm��-z�֧J��͂��:F~H4ʩ����d�O멱�P�I|b�����gz*uDO:�G�L�x2�ǩ�T7O_g��T��l�Ƃ�O)�,ɜ~^~?o�6�G���b缜b��tga�c��i���x�iS�����Os"��9������G⧖G��������m���S��p0~r����[�[(S9��(�@�����qpp~��A�z��:����� �1�-W�3�������5i�A0�����M�7�YzJX �<=��I�����1�.��9rր��oIOh'3� Client shall provide Artist with written statement that all images have been removed and destroyed. No Exclusivity: This Agreement does not create an exclusive relationship between the parties. Terms used in this Agreement shall have the meanings described in the Schedule which is incorporated into this Agreement. �� ςhC4�� �o�r*���D�{�+��n�\��qF��t� ��B��Ё�`U�(�hk�Vf| ���lT�z%���GWv̉Jdrd�+;�~U��S���H�)gI��P��ZF Janet and CoffeeArt are not maliciously infringing your work; the misuse purely occurred due to a misunderstanding as to what rights Janet was entitled to when she hired you. with Artist’s professional career or with the performance of Manager’s services hereunder, Artist shall promptly reimburse Manager for such fees, costs, and expenses. endobj 4 0 obj THE SCHEDULE 1. She then hires you as a photographer to shoot the new store and the unique Latte Art that has been drawing customers throughout the area. So what did we really buy? xݜێ������"�#e���pf}�cG�Hv� ����€8~ E���{�dW2 ن��%����Wuu�W?�?�?�U=���y8���w������׿T��_�8�}�U����kOe���/�m^Yԭ��768�y_���7�W������M~{>�*��?����GO���ݣqP�?��*�=~j����O��h�ݓ�w���H�x�W�WO�6;�W�gn4=�����-�w��+VB������jWH�'N�[�F?��w�NT�w/H-n")V6ES'�~G/������2~�vi�����j�mN0����&V�W\z転�W�������N^|*~�8���m��o2��������33���� �lp��@�J�bPo$՛i���@c$�ds�=xfؘ��y���ф��rޚ������T��mdޝx��P"�=�À�-������6�6۱�H:��x�S0k�Mq8uM>yԅ{���jr�ge��_�B�9՛؝� ����� ,�&k�IS�{���@"�����X��C��bZdʁ,�nq��e�C�]m�1ͦ���4�p�Y����sѾ��_�n%�w����^D�0ӓl׋'���I��\I��i2�r�~_8����V�ɾ�S�h�Cqm�1����8�9�W~~�����5m�An~&��$�|�埿�J�(2'f���qh9��%�Y}�Ja&�-�D��$����β��� v�ز��ײ�_4XZr��K.���^2���0n. 2. All rights granted to Client are contractual in nature and are expressly defined by this Agreement. To make sure that your client understands the terms, we recommend adding a summary to your invoice so you can be sure you are both in agreement as to what is expected. In the event rights are revoked, all images in the possession of Client will be removed from all forms of media and permanently destroyed within ten (10) days. 8 0 obj 10 0 obj Listen to industry innovators share their experiences, insights and give advice to help you navigate your creative career. The agreement or contract is the legal document between an artist or owner of an artwork and a borrowing institution, or between an exhibition organizer and the host venue.

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