Frankfort, 187; Reade, 76; Honour & Fleming, 76–77. From Room S of the North Palace, Nineveh (modern-day Kouyunjik, Mosul Governorate), Mesopotamia, Iraq. Today lion hunting is a subject of controversy as currently, the lion is listed as a vulnerable species, and some subspecies are listed as endangered. The lions and lionesses are not free within the wild forest; they are brought to the arena inside cages; this indicates that the animals were captured beforehand. [11], In the later reliefs, captured lions are released into an enclosed space, formed by soldiers making a shield-wall. Please help us create teaching materials on Mesopotamia (including several complete lessons with worksheets, activities, answers, essay questions, and more), which will be free to download for teachers all over the world. The reliefs from Room S were carved in three parallel registers and different scenes while the events on Panels from Room C occupied the whole slabs. Detailed carvings of the Royal Chariot horses, “Fear the goat from the front, the horse from the rear and man from all sides.” Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions - Assyrian Factual Information. Circa 645-635 BCE. This intricate artistry was created over 2,500 years ago with primitive tools, and it is a masterpiece of Assyrian art. (British Museum) Speakers: Dr. Steven Zucker & Dr. Beth Harris Remove Ads Alabaster bas-relief showing Ashurbanipal in his royal chariot hunting a lion. The king holds a long spear with two hands, thrusting forcefully upon the lion’s head; the lion tries to turn his head away. 30 elephants I trapped and killed; 257 great wild oxen I brought down with my weapons, attacking from my chariot; 370 great lions I killed with hunting spears.”[10] Ashurnasirpal is shown shooting arrows at lions from his chariot, so perhaps this was a more conventional hunt in open country, or also in an arena. Ancient History Encyclopedia Limited is a non-profit company registered in the United Kingdom. She is roaring in agony, fighting death. People seem to rush up a wooden knoll, either in fright or to get a better view. From Room C of the North Palace, Nineveh (modern-day Kouyunjik, Mosul Governorate), Mesopotamia, Iraq. The lions were depicted in many attitudes of fighting death (receiving and hit by arrows, spears, and/or swords) or they were already dead. There will have been a charging lion on the lost panel to the right. From Room C of the North Palace, Nineveh (modern-day Kouyunjik, Mosul Governorate), Mesopotamia, Iraq. The British Museum, London. He appears to speak to his courtiers, pointing out using his right hand. Nineveh was the oldest and most populous city of the Assyrian Empire, which was located on the east bank of the Tigris opposite modern Mosul in Iraq. One of the arrows has passed through the left shoulder; note the limping of the left foreleg. They depict a group of warriors led by a taller figure, who wears a conical hat; this is their king. They are not complete. In the large scene with the king hunting in his chariot, a total of 18 lions is shown, mostly dead or wounded. This private chamber-gate was decorated with relatively small scale hunt scenes, arranged in three parallel horizontal registers. Panel from the North Palace of Ashurbanipal. The eye of the king was intentionally damaged after the fall of Nineveh. [23], Another group of reliefs, some originally located on the upper floor and some in a small “private gate-chamber,”[24] are set out in three registers with a plain strip between them, with the figures much smaller. In ancient Assyria, hunting lions was considered the sport of kings, symbolic of the ruling monarch's duty to protect and fight for his people. The royal Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal is shown on a famous group of Assyrian palace reliefs from the North Palace of Nineveh that are now displayed in room 10a of the British Museum. It appears, though that the king had the lions caught for him, and … Detail of an alabaster bas-relief showing a lion being stabbed in the neck. Rooms 10a, 10b and 10c explore about 50 years of Assyrian history, in what is modern-day Iraq. The sculptor was cleverly pointing out the contrast between the cruel king and his noble victims; however, the people for whom the scenes were designed saw the king as the paragon of nobility, and the lions as cruel enemies that should deserve painful, and even ludicrous, slaughtering. The king’s attendants (not shown in this picture) lagged behind and galloped desperately to rescue their king (from the left side of the panel). Photo © Osama S.M. The sculpture shows captured lions and lionesses being released from cages to do battle with the King. The Assyrian kings hunted lions for political and religious purposes, to demonstrate their power. Embedded by Jan van der Crabben, published on 03 April 2014 under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. You are welcome to review our Privacy Policies via the top menu. Academy, Smarthistory, A. H. A. K. "Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions (Assyrian)." Some of the lion hunt reliefs occupy the whole height of the slab; like most narrative Assyrian reliefs the scenes of military campaigns from the same palace are mostly divided into two horizontal registers. Find site:             Nineveh (near Mosul, in modern-day northern Iraq). is a low relief sculpture showing the Royal Lion Hunt of King Ashurbanipal. Circa 645-635 BCE. In all scenes, the king and his men appear rigid-faced and heartless. Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions - Assyrian Factual Information. A person, usually a child, lifts the trapdoor and releases the lion. Reade emphasizes that the lions reaching the king were probably already badly wounded. There may have been a religious dimension to the activity. I was attending a symposium at the Royal College of Physicians of London. Available on YouTube Music and Apple Music. These hunts nearly resulted in the extermination of lion populations in North Africa by 1100 BC.

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