The landmine can also be combined with the trap bar to produce some incredibly effective and unique variations. This part of the chest is tough to target with traditional exercises, so this is a great one to add to your chest routine. Looking for a shoulder press variation that’s not only very joint friendly but also crushes the deltoids and upper body through a biomechanically efficient and natural movement path? Read more about other eccentric landmine variations here. The only downside in the past has been the inability to go heavier than 45 lbs. They’re fun, easy and perfect for including in your HIIT workouts. If you’re looking for some very advanced variations that will truly expose any movement aberration or technique issue in your upper body mechanics you’ll want to try these iron grip landmine bottoms up movements. If you want to grease the squat pattern groove, the goblet squat should be your loaded variation of choice. In today’s video, Coach Corey Beasley shares a handful of his favorite landmine attachments that he is using in his garage gym. This represents a natural position for the body during any overhead press as complete elimination of the natural arch will place undue stress on the shoulders and neck as well as the back. These are without a doubt some of the most advanced and brutally challenging movements I’ve ever performed and should only be attempted once you’ve mastered more traditional bottoms up movements. SYKJDM Special Handle for Large Fitness Equipment, Professional Cable Machine Accessories. Here I’m performing 10 unique iron grip landmine deadlift variations alongside my awesome figure and bodybuilding clients including Leslie Petch, Eric McIntyre, and Ben Lai. This is no longer an issue with the iron grip landmine variations due to the thin nature of the plate. Unfortunately, it can be a bit tricky to replicate this motion with free weights although dumbbells and kettlebells do provide a moderate amount of freedom to slightly simulate this motion. Second the close neutral grip tends to feel quite awkward on the wrists due to the angled nature of the landmine station. Here’s why. On a side note, 35 pound plates end up being a bit easier for medium to shorter individuals to fit the weights between their legs. Lastly accommodating resistance can easily be applied by simply anchoring bands or chains to the barbell or landmine. The angular force vectors also feel quite comfortable and natural making these very user friendly and easy on the joints. Over the last few years I’ve posted various articles and videos highlighting the offset leverage landmine method. One such variation is the Landmine Kayak Squat as demonstrated here by my awesome client Todd Weiland. barbell collar), perform an eccentric isometric hinge, launch the barbell up, then catch it at the chest. Here are the FIVE best landmine exercises that you aren't doing, and should be. That’s because any lateral deviation will cause the lifter to lose balance and stability. To fight these forces you’ll be required to fire the glute medius, internal & obliques transverse abs, & quadratus lumborum muscles. The 45 pound plates allow for a higher starting point however some athletes may find they have to take an excessively wide stance to fit the larger plates between their legs. In other words, both the eccentric and concentric phases provide an ample hypertrophy stimulus. Let me explain. That creates much more necesary tension for the stabilizing muscles of the trunk to go through, making the amount of weight you can lift using good form much more honest to your body’s capacities and abilities. These are known for torching the upper back and postural muscles due the extremely wide grip. Simply focus on maintaining a tall and elongated spine throughout without letting your chest and shoulders get plastered to the bench.

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