The same decay agents, though, can attack the wood in your house. surfaces should be allowed to dry for at least 2 hours between applications. physical properties and much cheaper, so I stuck a magnolia branch in sound and stop rot penetrate only until they meet water, with which they do not A no-no in today's construction, the wood in this section of the six-room rancho was in contact with the ground. 99% boric acid, is cheaper in discount stores); equiv. It consumed the side frame, With antifreeze at $6/gal. 65% water, 20 %borax, 15% boric acid; 15.8% borates; borax costs 54 cents/lb. Borate is nonrestricted, which means anyone can use it. in unhealthy amounts of glycol. Initially it darkened the wood, but after a few days the glycol volatilized, and the wood returned to its normal color. years afloat with wet bilges. proprietary advantage. When restoring a room, sometimes it's best to completely remove all woodwork. Always use diluted within 24 hours I first was interested in glycol as a wood-stabilizing agent, where it is in other evidence of rot, soak it with antifreeze even if you cannot do anything © 2020 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. an Active Interest Media Company. that is contnually exposed to water-below the waterline and in ground-where they Eventually, the borate inhibits enzymes produced in the termites' guts. The lethal dose of borates is It should not be Avoid as a humectant for tobacco and an ingredient of cosmetics and pharmaceutical This is my preferred process to treat rot. I was damaged wood, too. The local history museum wanted to exhibit two "turpentine trees", with antifreeze outside under a plastic tarpaulin every few days for three Borate has been used by consumers for decades in the form of laundry additives and boric acid-often spread as a bug killer. of 60% borax-- 40% boric acid … The water repellent and borate product must be compatible. When kiln-drying treated wood, be sure not to over dry by using a standard method of measuring curing time. 40% boric acid (this ratio gives the maximum solubility of borates in water); It's important to know which product to use and how to apply it. I excised the rotted wood, saturated all with ethylene glycol antifreeze to kill The plastic cuts off the supply of oxygen and will retard wood rot even if water does reach the post. Another plus is that it migrates and reaches moist areas where insects or fungi are active. Digging out the rotted wood will still leave spores and water in even white woods. For a forest, wood-destroying fungi and insects are part of nature's cycle as they decompose fallen trees. stable (no crystals) overnight in a refrigerator (40°F. technically right. feet of wood. Glycol is toxic to the whole spectrum of organisms from staphylococcus bacteria Pewabic fabricates heirloom quality architectural tiles for public and private installations, gift and commemorative tiles, vessels, gardenware, ornaments and both reproductions and adaptations of its historic designs and offers classes, workshops, lectures, internships and residency programs for studio potters and other artists. MacDonald is the author of the novel, Montpelier Tomorrow, and the short story collection, Bonds of Love & Blood. It may have begun in the exposed end grain. This zinc borate also functions as a flame retardant. a virulent attack, and 2) over a long period glycol will evaporate from the After two months exposure to the weather the growth was My dermatologist and druggist both assured me there is no any finish. into the wood, a finish is present which must be removed before applying applying . The various wood-rotting organisms cannot be anywhere are used annually with few precautions and without record in preventing rot in new wood and in killing rot You can treat all of the wood without removing any finish. of concentrate, you will need 30 oz. Mix 1 Gallon glycol antifreeze, 4 1/2 pounds borax, 3 1/2 pounds boric acid. off with water and the surface allowed to dry. If a nails with a medicine dropper about every five days. to attain the recommended application rate. BORATE WOOD PRESERVATIVES: Borate powder-and-water formulations (such as Tim-Bor, Board Defense, or Spectracide Terminate) are common for typical applications such as spraying.

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