Matthew Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible. Fourth. In much more forcible language ought the old serpent to be distinguished from the unreasoning brute. "The 1599 Geneva Study Bible". Another species, called the Acanthum vulgare, produces above 100 heads, each containing from 3 to 400 seeds. Thorns also and thistles.] The result is that man has become a serpentine being and also thorns and thistles. "Commentary on Genesis 3:18". The Carduus vulgatissimus viarum, or common hedge thistle, besides the almost infinite swarms of winged seeds it sends forth, spreads its roots around many yards, and throws up suckers everywhere, which not only produce seeds in their turn, but extend their roots, propagate like the parent plant, and stifle and destroy all vegetation but their own. That concrete form of a great principle, which comported with the infantile state of the early mind, is first presented. First, it was now evident how vain and hollow were its pretensions to superior wisdom, and how miserably deluded they had been when they listened to its false insinuations. The actions ascribed to the tempter agree with the literal serpent. A progeny more than sufficient to stock not only the surface of the whole world, but of all the planets of the solar system, so that no other plant or vegetable could possibly grow, allowing but the space of one square foot for each plant. Definition of Pharaoh, Who Was the Pharaoh of the Exodus, Did God Harden In Adam we were thorns and thistles; in Christ we are branches of the real vine. How Many God, therefore, describes a part of this poverty by the word herbs, just as if a king should send away any one of his attendants from the upper table, to that which was plebeian and mean; or, as if a father should feed a son, who had offended him, with the coarse bread of servants; not that he interdicts man from all other food, but that he abates much of his accustomed liberality. First John 3:10 says that some people are the children of the Devil. https: Watches of the Night, What were the Jewish Watches of the Night, What Is the This is a great mystery. This was enough for her at present. The man here no doubt refers to two expressions in the sentences he had heard pronounced on the serpent and the woman. All, then, that seemed to indicate reason as inherent in its nature or acquired by some strange event in its history is thus at once contradicted. It is no less essential to account for what follows. They were most likely obtained by the death of animals; and as they do not appear yet to have been slain for food, some have been led to conjecture that they were offered in sacrifice - slain in prefiguration of that subsequent availing sacrifice which was to take away sin. It is obvious that, to the moral character of the transaction, it is of no consequence who the third party was who dared to contradict and malign his Maker. The same line of things does not always occupy the attention. Lastly, the retributive character of the divine administration is remarkably illustrated in the phrase. 10 Plagues, What Does the Bible Say about Each of the 10 Plagues, Did God Use This leads us to a law, which we find frequently exhibited in Sacred Scripture, that some events are recorded without any connection or significance apparent on the surface of the narrative, while at the same time they betoken a greater amount of spiritual knowledge than we are accustomed to ascribe to the age in which they occurred. And he assigns as the reason, that the earth will not be the same as it was before, producing perfect fruits; for he declares that the earth would degenerate from its fertility, and bring forth briers and noxious plants. Read about the blood of Jesus. He perceives and believes that through the woman in some way is to come salvation for the race. Thorns. The satanic kingdom comes from the satanic family, and the satanic family comes from the satanic life. And this seed is to bruise the serpent‘s head; that is, in some way to undo what had been done for the death of man, and so re-invest him with life. It is impossible to lie without the lying life. King James Bible Thorns and thistles came from the fall. What else was brought forth is not stated; but the word may include all kinds of noxious insects, &c, as well as poisonous weeds. The woman has learned that God is not only a righteous judge, but a forbearing and merciful Father. The reasons of this are obvious. – YouTube, © 2015–2020 Mind On Jesus. When the families are put together collectively, they become a kingdom. The wild olive grows untilled, but not the good olive-tree; if that receive not cultivation, it will also run wild. Instead of the spontaneous fruits of the garden, the herb of the field, which required diligent cultivation, was henceforth to constitute a principal part of his support. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Smith's Bible Dictionary Home The ground, without any change in its inherent nature, but merely by the removal, it may be, of the tree of life, is cursed to man, as it demands that toil which is the mark of a fallen race. Genesis 3:18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;. Instead, however, Satan entered into man, usurped him, and possessed man’s life. In the curse pronounced on the ground there is much more implied than generally appears. Giant thistles, growing to the height of a man on horseback, frequently spread over … The enmity, the mode of its display, and the issue are also singularly characteristic of the literal serpent. This prospect of seed, and of a godly seed, at enmity with evil, became a fountain of hope to our first parents, and confirmed every feeling of returning reverence for God which was beginning to spring up in their breast. But to Adam, who had as yet too limited an experience to distinguish between natural and preternatural events, and too little development of the reflective power to detect the inconsistency in the appearance of things, the sole object of attention was the shameless presumption of the serpent, and the overwhelming retribution which had fallen upon it; and, consequently, the deplorable folly and wickedness of having been misguided by its suggestions.

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