Functional tactics support short term objectives and can be defined as the key routine activities that must be performed in each c) Strategic business units: Large, diverse organisations with unrelated business divisions a. Attached diagram of organisation architecture must be read from right to left. All rights reserved. ensure coordination of these tasks across the organisation. human resources management.  All the staff members who do not hold a managerial or leadership position are fond in this part of the organization. integrity towards its shareholders and other. Organisational architecture provides a useful tool for meshing the internal organisation by combining key dimensions in a We will have the most sales in the world. reward systems, as these all focus on people. This reward system is used to retain specialised skills as an executive incentive. 4) It’s also its policies, stakeholder relationships and its approach to corporate governance and ethics. Question 7 - Discuss the “warm square” in the modified McKinsey 7-S framework. Is an integrated strategic response that draws together key dimensions of the organisation (such as organisational structure, Primary participants in corporate governance are __________, _________, and __________. Good luck!  Is reflected in the ownership of the organisation. knowledge era. programmes. Question 9 - Discuss recognition as a component of reward systems. Explain the different aspects and levels of organisational culture (as identified by Thompson & Martin, 2005). Also explore over 43 similar quizzes in this category. Provide guidelines for overcoming resistance to change. c. Diversity: What is the level of homogeneity or heterogeneous can hamper in the organisation change? view, (3) the work psychodynamic school and (4) the behavioural outlook. Staff – the people in the organisation (5) [A1-Jun14 + B1.1-Nov11], Question 4 - Explain the different types of strategic change and the issues involved. How does learning occur in leadership and management development? knowledge & ideas, & by generating actions that will contribute positively to the whole organisation, The idea behind a learning organisation is that it is easier to adapt to change if the organisation first has the ability to learn, This means that the employees accept the importance of continuous learning, Becoming a learning organisation may also help with the process of managing strategic change. Restricted share plan uses company shares as an incentive for executives.  Power Our CBAP Question bank is aligned to the latest edition of BABOK and IIBA exam pattern. systems, policies and resource allocation with the chosen strategy. a. c. Evolution is a form of change that involves fundamental changes in the way the organisation deals with a situation and planning and implementation. valuable asset. What is a sentence that is used to cushion bad news in a negative message? (3) [SG-p99], Distinguish between the different levels of objectives (3) [B3.1-Nov10],  The three levels of objectives are: d. Companies should publish a remuneration report that details directors remuneration and explain why directors Here is an example of a question in BSG Quiz 2. Negotiation and agreement: is normally linked to incentives and rewards. diversification. o Strategic the organisation. b. There is no one size fit all structure that all organisations can use, but below is several guidelines for matching strategy with It adds breadth and specificity in identifying what must be done to achieve long-term goals. 2) The culture of an organisation is therefore related to the people, their behaviour and the operation of the structure. Question 4 - Discuss the six basic coordinating mechanisms of organisational design. structure follows strategy. This final exam will use multiple choice questions. Some frequently asked exam questions on strategic management are as follows: Q.1. They translate organisation's grand strategies into action to ensure that short term objectives are met. Function activities and Logistical activities. These four approaches are expressed through four employee recognitions practices: existential recognition, recognition of the o Operational *** Chandler found that a particular structure sequence is often repeated as organisations grow and change their strategy over time. support the chosen strategies. 5) Standardisation of skills and knowledge: Policies guide the day-to-day activities and procedures that ensure successful strategy implementation. Therefore, it is important to design reward systems in such a way that they ensure the installment of good corporate governance Giving clear direction: authority may be used to set the direction and impose the necessary means to implement the change. The name, term or image that consumers can use to identify your products from others.  In order for organisations to compete effectively in the global economy, leadership must be efficient. cohesive and concerted effort to ensure productive strategy implementation. Page 6 of 8 AD4 Exam Exemplar Questions Mar2013 Q3 Learning outcome: 3.0 For the successful implementation of a category management strategy, it is vital to obtain the acceptance and support of internal stakeholders. d. Style – the leadership and management style of the organisation. b. a. Explain how this acceptance and support can … Education and communication: communication helps people to understand why it is necessary to change and mutual trust is include items as organizational structure, leadership, organizational culture, policies and strategies, etc.) (12) [B2.4-Jun12]. What is the purpose for training needs assessments? Question 2 - Comment on the statement that “structure follows strategy”. Participation and involvement: people will be more supportive of the strategic changes when they form part of the strategy b. Contact us by phone at (877) 266-4919, or by mail at 100 View Street #202, Mountain View, CA 94041. c. Business Planning Ensures that the vision is translated into goals and measures linked to the strategy. ii. Human resources - not financial resources - are the key resource in organisations today, due to the fact that we live in a practices within an organisation. Among these activities are sales, manufacturing, administrative activities, investment and cash management. (5) [B1.2-Jun14 + B1.2-Nov10]. Because it is fully owned by another company. b. e. The existence of organisational silos and a culture that resists change. Functional tactics support short-term goals and can be defined as the key routine activities that must be undertaken in each There are 3 criteria to be used when allocating resources They also affect the way Question 8 - Describe the drivers of strategy implementation. b) Divisional structure: Organisations with several business lines c. Skills - the organisation’s core competencies and sources of competitive advantage influence in some way, Keep the time between performance review and payment of the reward short, Make use of both monetary and non-monetary rewards, Avoid skirting the system to find ways to reward non-performers, Explain the role of reward systems in strategy implementation. Cindi is the newly appointed head of the accounting department. cooptation involves the “buying-off” of informal leaders by giving them personal rewards to accept and promote change. (4) [B1.4-Jun13]. (5) [A4-Jun12] Organisations have to deal with products being made obsolete in a very short space of time, and products have shorter life Forces organisations to link their business plans to the strategy through the setting of targets or milestones. 3) When culture is strong, people know what is expected from them.

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