Since tea sandwiches should be delicate, cut each sandwich into thirds or quarters or in half diagonally. Triangle Sandwich recipe: Ham Pickle Spread Square Sandwiches Make sandwiches as in Triangle Sandwiches above except use 8 thin slices white and 8 thin slices whole wheat sandwich bread. Place about one tablespoon of jelly or preserves in the center of the bread. Sandwiches will not become limp and soggy as readily if you spread butter right to edge of bread. Image by: Getty Images Ӳ���=�j� Dainty and flavourful, everyone loves to indulge in tiny bites of traditional tea sandwiches. Freezing bread before cutting and then spreading makes for easier handling. Author: Canadian Living. The Cut ‘N Seal just really makes it look extra pretty. Or use cookie cutters to cut into decorative shapes. Cut each sandwich into 4 pieces. Just make sure you have enough crust to seal the edges. � �]�r�8���T�; �n$�I���)�If������IM%�DBm�dHʲ6�y�}�}��� )R�m����lj�"A�� ��n�?x���ѯ���I2�v�?��q����3{£X$�қ�Z����!qO�'�_"�٣�]�4w��W.��'"��ka��x\��]�OŠt�yDI�ف��N28�Ե�F/5��n�rO�mI\��@�؞��W��/���_�+n�0Ko覡[l�`?�P ᱣ �(a���i("��eoŐ=�;�ߵ�5�j~`�z��"� J|�L���&� J�$ ��:�'�XȪȕ���a�~�-���M&lāO�Q���k�M��`�D �1�� ��f��6�'B�8s�'�>r!�t�&�,l�$1elC1 U������8�I0ⵈ�3V ��es?�]h���A�O@�G�d�v0�[�i�M�Ηb�q_�W-t�)>�̮.�ۼ�e���X��^l����ZL�Ğ�%;�z=��z��D*��^""�'P�"�@&� ؔ�(��?�B�H|���������_����88b�"�i�B8[�|Uq�`:%�ؚ[���\])nP�� Trim off crusts. Top Videos from Crazy Adventures in Parenting Makes 32 pieces. You can use a fork to crimp your edges! �O]_?����h��ۺe���w���f���Q�aͮ~NߙS��ϧ. Once you fill your two pieces of bread with your favorite sandwich contents (I used PB&J here, but you can use anything), place the Cut-N-Seal® on top of the two pieces of bread in the middle. Butter should be at room temperature before spreading. If I'm using honey, I will use slightly... Top the jelly slice with the peanut butter only slice. Or, you can get super simple and just use a knife to cut around. Though they appear finicky to make, these tea sandwiches are easy to assemble and entirely make-ahead. Cut each sandwich into quarters. Cut crusts off bread with long, sharp knife after (not before) assembling sandwiches. Getty Images Square Sandwich recipe: Pimiento Cheese Spread Finger Sandwiches ����~�O�-a�{s�(��硘��HP� ��Ґ��M���a�_�����;�c��Z���:%~_���;�Y~J�dI���K|:�6)HC�����O��"[���K���b�B�&�k�}}j�o{33;�)��B�y How to make tea sandwiches: Pinwheels, triangles, squares and fingers, Pinwheel Sandwich recipe: Curried Egg Salad, Triangle Sandwich recipe: Ham Pickle Spread, Square Sandwich recipe: Pimiento Cheese Spread, Our make-ahead Shower Menu for 16 has bite-sized h'ors d'oeuvres, sandwiches and desserts to please everyone on your list  >>, Click to see four more tea sandwich recipes and variations by The Canadian Living Test Kitchen, including step-by-step images >>. Instructions Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on both slices of bread. Allow 4 to 6 cut sandwich pieces per person. This keeps everything neater. �M�4���x܏1gO���v}`7�u� x� Never serve end slices. Bread should be lightly buttered no matter what the filling. (We use Nature’s Own All-Natural Honey Wheat bread.) If you don’t have one, use a cookie cutter that’s a little bit larger in diameter than the first. Press down on the Cut ‘N Seal, and THEN press the crimping button. Makes 32 pieces. Choose the best-quality bread.

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