Terms of Service 7. Very often, the aim of the offer is not to sell anything, rather to get the prospect’s interest and lead him to the next action, such as requesting a free demo version of the product. Image Guidelines 4. Half the time you probably don't even realize it. Direct marketing means (1) Advertisements (2) Banners (3) Face-to-face selling (4) Selling by all staff (5) Achieving targets . Motivation for sales persons can be achieved through, (3) Continuous training and updating of knowledge, 91. After sales service is not the job of: 54. Think of the infomercial. Most consumers are familiar with telemarketing. These are also very successful, because they can be targeted to a certain audience. Customers can visit online couponing sites and either download and print the coupon, or "clip" it and store it in a "digital wallet." Targeting specific audiences. 38. The target group for a car loan is________, 17. The response could be an order, a visit to a website, or a call-to-action. These measurements are key to direct marketing success. Let's look at the various types of direct marketing. Which of the following statements is correct, (1) Marketing is not required due to globalization, (2) Marketing causes higher expenses and losses, (3) Marketing is not required in profit- making companies, (4) Marketing sharpens the minds of the employees, (5) Marketing is a waste of time in established companies, 114. And the coupon expires tonight, at midnight. (3) A meeting center place for customers s, (5) A back office setup where customer queries are answered, 2. Modern styles of marketing are________, Marketing Management, Question & Answers, MCQs on Marketing Management. There are door-to-door salesmen, plus Tupperware parties, jewelry parties, and many others. ), the advertiser knows exactly which ad and which media generated that impression. They offer a set of free cold email templates aimed at increasing revenue for consulting agencies. A popular form is through free game applications. In the U.S., over 90 billions pieces of direct mail are mailed every year. Lead generation is a process of converting strangers and passers-by into paying customers. A marketer really prefers a telemarketing list that has "qualified leads," meaning the customer has already been vetted in some way, and is more likely to respond to the ad than a normal cold call. Another category is direct response marketing. There are also sites devoted to promotional codes, which offer discounts on a majority of online retailers. Trackable performance. Direct marketing is a form of communicating an offer, where organizations communicate directly to a pre-selected customer and supply a method for a direct response. The communication could be in several different formats, such as … Good marketing requires one of the following, 102. These websites would be then grouped into vertical channels and sold out to advertisers who wish to reach out to people interested in these topics. Usually, the offer is fixed on a prospect and appeals to their emotions, desires, frustrations, and fears. Direct response marketing facilitates the delivery of a “call to action” via direct or online interaction. Microsoft Dynamics also gives one of those direct response marketing examples. 52. Direct marketing is the practice of reaching markets by directly reaching out to the customer. It is someone who is interested in healthcare and wants to start a career. Ans. Mobile marketing is a newer and emerging form of marketing that is showing excellent success. Digital Marketing is similar to_______.

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