Controlling Pollution. Limited and restricted contacts lead you to stay close to your loved ones which can’t ever be possible while you are occupied at the workplace. After a month came to know that there are lots of disadvantages and advantages to this type of education. During the lockdown, people will have restrictions on travel, and buying non-essential items. With mobility put to restrictions, Industrial sectors, education sector, transportation system, and Agriculture sector are at maximum risk. During a lockdown situation, every person is to live inside their homes avoiding any movements at public places. The virus started fro Wuhan, a place located in China and started spreading all over the world. Work from home: I understand this can’t be an advantage completely, though from a certain perspective it has allowed you to work on flexible timeframes and you are no more restricted to travel or commute to the office and work there. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It is an opportune moment to put away the hustles and bustles of commuting to the workplace every day and settle up in their homes. To ensure effective implementation of social distancing and avoiding human to human interaction, lockdown is initiated in countries. There are so many negatives which can be overwhelming so I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been presented. Disadvantages of this lockdown are as follows: Your email address will not be published. Describing the few of the advantages and disadvantages during the Covid-19 pandemic. Uniform essay conclusion online Advantages during lockdown essay classes disadvantages and of. This protocol may or may not refer to the entire working system and can be limited to business or industrial sectors. On the fourth day of lockdown, many migrant laborers stranded in New Delhi had to flee the Capital City due to lack of shelter, food, money and imposed restrictions due to public health emergencies. Advantages of online learning. This scenario is the preliminary phase of ... 2. With nations relying on digital modes of education, the education system may still be in order. As soon as your blog post is published after our review you will receive an email with a link to your article. Your classes can fit better into your schedule. Shipping Services, Banking Sector, Telecom sector, and Healthcare and Hospitality Sector are active during such an emergency. From a small scale to a larger scale business, a pandemic sounds the alarm dragging the economic state of a country backward. During this coronavirus time as being students, have advantages and disadvantages. Any unlawful activity can land a person straight to jail or punishment as per Judicial laws. The demand and supply curve gets disarrayed entirely due to a lockdown emergency. Online Classes How to organize business data using Excel? Given that a country devises a plan to deal with the disease in time, Government authorities can lift this emergency anytime. What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Gas? Share List These factors are going to be a foreshadow to the child further life. Learn creative things and work from a homely atmosphere. The majority of EWS students are also unable to explore online learning resources due to lack of e-learning know-how and unavailability of required infrastructure including laptops, tablets, smartphone and internet. Self-quarantining holds off the necessity of an all-out government declared police state. Initially Online classes feel better. This could delay the go-live process of submissions. Public Health Emergency is why the government enforces a lockdown. Moreover, everyone is doing working from home. From manufacturing to R&D sectors, from Blue-collar to White-collar employees, the work machinery gets into total disarray. Every coin has two sides and on a similar level, this virus pandemic, and the crisis has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. 4. It is different from a curfew in a region. Small retail shop owners, small industries, and other startups have been adversely affected due to this lockdown. With no further reports or orders on how long this lockdown might get extended, people with no job security (daily wagers) dreaded job loss due to this emergency. Stay in touch with the authorities to ask for further assistance. Being progressive and dynamic is what humans need to survive on earth. very good article. This lockdown made people stay at home, led to the stop of many businesses, encouraged avoiding gatherings, and affected human lives adversely. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, the Indian government had gambled with many lives. Balancing the Ecosystem. Survival of the Fittest suffices the answer. Disadvantages of online education It is quite difficult for a person to be responsible for his or her own learning without someone to push them to do something. At such times, citizens from lower to higher classes are at risk of fiscal slowdown. 1. As the saying goes, "Bad Times Brings us Closer.". There is no need to step out of the house and meet with relatives you can pick the phone and call them and talk with builds more family relations. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media? You are now a part of The Times of India Readers' Blog platform. Online classes, not a game But online classes pose its own set of challenges. Where lockdown seems quite disturbing to the humankind, it is turning out to be environment-friendly. 2. Different ways to start an online business, 7 productive things to do during this lockdown. A lockdown situation arises following an emergency protocol in order to prevent people from leaving a specific area. Incorporate healthy practices for living. After declaring a lockdown after the COVID-19 outbreak, the fall in number of tourists turned out to be vital for the canals of Venice. ADVANTAGES: But speaking about the children, there are some advantages. Now online education … These advantages have made it to my list and I am sure you can make use of them too and grow in the long-term. This may impact their career in the feature. This 21-day lockdown has put India on the verge of an economic crisis. Any opinions and views expressed on or through the above content/blogs are those of the designated authors/bloggers and do not necessarily represent views of Times Internet Limited ("Company"). Uniform essay conclusion online Advantages during lockdown essay classes disadvantages and of. This strict action came in the form of a lockdown which made all the work to a standstill and affected everyone in many different ways. SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); SGMB_GOOGLE_ACOUNT = ""; It may require one to put in … A Lockdown situation can’t be interchanged as a Curfew or Shutdown. Online courses require more time than on-campus classes. Copyright © 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. One of the most concerning and noticeable downsides of lockdown situations is its impact on the education system. Even though many governments assure to supply unessential workers to guard their life with benefits, not all the affected people are able to entertain the benefits. Sounds rhetoric, but that sometimes a strict and disciplined lifestyle is what can be beneficial during a lockdown. The major challenge to face a country is to provide equal facilities to such citizens during the lockdown. With limited time to buy food and other essential supplies, people tend to buy more items than usual and stockpile. Such a situation is triggered due to an outbreak or contagion spreading rapidly across a region. 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You might also like: The number of people being infected by this virus, also, the number of deaths was rising and it was alarming to ensure a measure that avoided the spread of this virus. The survey was conducted in both online and offline. Lockdown – Advantages and Disadvantages of Lockdown: You probably were unaware of this term till now, so it’s better to throw some light on what is Lockdown and what are its pros and cons for a country.

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