However, GIA and AGS stand out as they have a global reputation in having the highest and the most consistent grading system. A microscope is used to conduct the evaluation. It assesses diamond clarity according to size, position, color, and the number of inclusions or flaws present. Generally we advise color grades G - J and clarity grades VS2 or VS1. Well-established companies rarely sell a GIA certified I1 diamond. Cushion cuts have rounded corners and curved edges to go along with large facets. The measurements show the length, width and depth of each diamond. But since fluorescence appears undesirable to many and can be used to our advantages at times. magnification, as most inclusions are invisible to the It takes a bigger/larger rough diamond to cut it into a round diamond than it does to cut it into a fancy cut diamond such a cushion cut diamond. We sell to Internet sellers, jewelry stores and the public. And then finally, on the I1 stone, I saw on the edge (outside the table) a small milk-color white inclusion (not that big nasty black dot that you can see right away in cheap stones). Low overhead cost is one of several reasons for this disparity in pricing. Typically the larger loose diamonds are the most valuable part of your jewelry and will lead to the majority of the price change in the item. Buyers will also want to know if the stone has been treated in any manner. Pear diamonds are often called teardrop stones. What’s more, Rap prices commoditized diamonds. Chances are that what is needed is a diamond that looks eye-clean and colorless. For instance, the price difference between a diamond of VS2 clarity, color H, 1 carat, and that of VS2 clarity, color G, 1 carat is $1000. Why? For example, some SI1 clarity grade diamonds may be eye clean but most are not. There is even a significant jump between an excellent cut and a super ideal cut. centuries. The latest price estimates are from January 2020. Because of demand later this year, and added inflation due to more dollar printing, the prices of commodities, including diamonds, will most probably go higher in the mid-to-long-term. Some certification companies may inflate their quality by as much as 2 whole grades. Some diamonds (roughly 33%) show some fluorescent glow when exposed to UV lights. Why? The estimate of the diamond price is only indicative, the prices vary with the market and other factors. So, there is no point in splurging on something with no visible difference. Among all diamonds, Round diamonds are the most expensive. It has grown popular with traditional and contemporary buyers. For instance, GIA can grade a diamond as SI2 but a different lab-grade it as VS2 clarity. It is considered the most vintage stone and is paired with Halo settings. All Rights Reserved. Clarity is a measure of the number and extent of the The 4Cs dictate how much a diamond will cost. Well, this is no average stone you’re looking for and we’re here to make sure you’re prepared to maximize every aspect of this purchase. I want to sell my 0.41 cent Diamond with 3.2 gram gold ring. is the ideal diamond cut that has been in use since Stones are weighed in a sealed chamber at the GIA laboratory. Things then turn subjective. 1) Enter Carat Weight of the stone: For example, a 3/4 CT. (75 points) diamond, would be entered as .75. A diamond with an I3 grade will have inclusions and blemishes that are obvious to the naked eye. Any higher and you’re typically overpaying for quality that you’ll never be able to see with the naked eye. They are presented in square or rectangular form. For instance, if we look at price difference as we move up and down in the clarity grade of a diamond with the same carat, cut, and color, we will notice that internally flawless diamonds are priced higher because they are rare. A diamond that has a brighter appearance sells at a higher price. There are several websites that can help you sell your diamond including Worthy (our favorite), I Do Now I Don’t, Have You Seen The Ring, Ebay, & of course Craigslist. Some diamond dealers show customers the Rapaport chat to convince them that they are getting a fair deal because they are selling below it. The diamond color as a significant impact on the overall brilliance of a diamond. No compromise should be made when it comes to certification. Cut Good This visual effect is natural in 1/3 of all diamonds in the world. There are 10 basic diamond shapes. In fact, whatever comprises we make with the other factors are worth it for an excellent cut. As an individual outside of the diamond industry what price can I get from a jewler. To ensure buyers get the best value for the money, we will go over the factors that affect diamond pricing. Even if we buy a diamond with the highest clarity grade, we might not be able to appreciate it because it is invisible to the naked eye. Try our Diamond Price & Quality Check to lookup any GIA diamond and get an algorithmic price estimate. Theoretically, a 0.5-carat diamond will cost double what a 0.4-carat diamond costs. Therefore, it may improve the color of diamonds with grade G or lower. Back to top. An oval diamond is the modern diamond shape, elegant twist. So you’re considering a 3 carat diamond? The prices are intentionally high so jewelers can show consumers and act as if they’re providing the consumer with a great deal. The International Diamond Grading System was created by the GIA and is used around the world. Other cuts like pearl Asscher, Emerald, and Marquise are fancy cuts and cost less compared to other diamond shapes. Scientists evaluate various variables including star length, girdle thickness, crown height and total depth to give the diamond a final grade. H is a sure bet. After confirming the specifications of a diamond in a report, a grading report won’t completely confirm how a stone sparkles. Hmm...something went wrong with this calculation. At StoneAlgo, we’ve seen people spend anything from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars on diamond engagement rings. Shape Round We are from Tanzania…we need your help. 2) Enter Color: Color is what you see – if you want a perfectly white stone, go for an D, E or F colors – these are considered colorless, but cost slightly more.

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