Especially considering the fact that he did it pretty casually. A confident Gladiator is definitely stronger than Classic Juggernaut. I still don't know if I believe that he is completely invulnerable to physical attacks, but if he is(too busy right now for a real debate) then the best that can be said is a stalemate. @thedailybagel: WWH couldn´t beat Juggs, so he had to BFR him using his own strength against him. didnt Gladiator win a fight against Hyperion ? I asked the same question two times, and haven't got a proper answer. (like Spider-Man or Superman).? KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Gladiator vs. Juggernaut Juggernaut wins because of his endless endurance. Granted I haven't read anything with Juggernaut in the past 10 years but from what I remember, he has incredible durability but has never shown the strength to take down Hulk and Gladiator together. No character in comics is COMPLETELY invulnerable. Standard Hulk ( as in not amped by Celestial tech) has never beaten Cain on his own. He could easily hit Juggernaut thousands of times without ever being hit if he actually wanted to. Not by a very big margin, considering hulks knocked him around consistently. Get answers by asking now. His confidence was shaken, and in that moment, they were able to KO him. Juggs will get knocked around alot but eventually, Glades will get tired and evntaully lose if there is no BFR or anything like that (can't think of anything that glades can do to actually hurt him). Not to mention hulks knocked him out before (off panel but confirmed by the writer) and has seriously hurt him on two occasions. 2 out of 4 isn't most. @juiceboks: cains durability Is all over the place, one second he tanks mjolnir like nothing (mainly due to his forcefield that he doesn't have anymore) whereas in the majority of his and hulks fights he gets beaten up. That is one battle of attrition Kallark isn't winning. Universo Marvel - X-Men (Juggernaut vs Gladiator) - YouTube Hulk has seriously injured him twice and knocked him out once, juggs knocked out proffesor hulk who was confused and wasn't fighting back. Death seed sentry destroys them via reality speedblitz. But most def Gladiator. Otherwise it's psionics, BFR or bust. It's not in his nature. If he's nerfed (like when he was a Thunderbolt), maybe. We've seen depowered Cain tank multiple hits from an enraged Hyperion without buckling, tank multiple hits from WWH without showing any sign of damage, and get uppercutted into the asteroid belt by Skaar and his only reaction being one of annoyance. Gladiator beats Superman, Juggernaut beats Hulk. 1 0 He'll just get his head mashed into the Earth. And yeah, Hulk doesn't get tired while he is fighting. @hellionvulcan@cable_extreme@cosmicallyaware1, @dondave@theacidskull@stupid_people@thor_parker82, @rogueshadow@serrure@wolverine08@lowlaville, @nighthunder@patrat18@cable_extreme@cadencev2, @green_skaar @theamazingimmortalman@homicidalmaniac, @godtriggerhulk@thitiki@thedailybagel@hulkage, @hellionvulcan@cosmicallyaware1@serrure@killemall, @allstarsuperman@lvenger@dondave@rbt@dccomicsrule2011, @buttersdaman000@comicstooge@risingbean@frozen@comicace3, @pokeysteve@ancient_0f_days@god_spawn@matchesmalone21, @theamazingimmortalman@lowlaville@patrat18@tomlikesfries, @zeroplus@thitiki@demonknights@ssj_god@darkseid1006. Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. juggs hits will hurt Glades has taken much worse from far greater. Gladiator can´t do much to Juggs either, their only chance is BFR, which is not allowed in this battle. Seeing as how Gladiator isn't a coward and wouldn't do that, Cain eventually rolls over him. Idk if it will actually lose confidence or just annoy him... but due to Juggs key true invulnerability it will be a stalemate. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. With BFR Glads wins, without BFR then Probably Cain. Kallark can toss Cain pretty much all he wants and it won't do anything. Cain was planning to ambush Hulk when Prof X, Jean Grey and Cyclops put the double mental whammy (and an optic blast for good measure) on Cain. Although I agree gladiator would beat superman. Oh yea I'm sure everyone saw the spoof of that on the net right? Getting brought to his knees in two hits by one of the weakest versions of Hulk is a low showing especially compared to his more recent ones. @thor_parker82: how? The two have never met but gladiator would just toss Juggernaut around like a rag doll. Juggernaut is invulnerable to physical damage when fighting on his normal levels. Juggernaut is durable, but he's not invunrable. OP says It's hand to hand only and speed is equalized in this fight so he'll be getting hit about as often as he hits.

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