The WEN 4208 8-inch 5-Speed Drill Press is a great pick for novice … Modern And Sturdy Design. The motor is the strongest out of all of the benchtop models (5 amps and 2/3 HP) and has a much better swing (12") and spindle travel length (3-1/8") than the 4212. I purchased this drill press because my lovely Delta DP350's variable speed transmission failed and Delta stopped offering spare parts for it, I had to Scrap it out. It has a cast iron worktable that features rack and pinion height … The 4214 (by Wen) is the most powerful benchtop drill press Wen currently makes and is comparable in price to the 4212 ($215 at the time) and only about $15 more. WEN 4208 8-inch 5-Speed Drill Press . This Wen 4212 … WEN 12 inch 4214 drill press model has a modern, high-quality design. Wen 4214 12-Inch Drill Press. The caveat to this is that users may quickly outgrow the 4208’s capabilities and find themselves shopping for a drill press again. Users rate the 4208 and 4214 equally at a 4.3. ouch! So, I carefully reviewed all the available Drill Press offerings. Interestingly enough, they also rank the 4210 and 4212 … User rating – Tie between the 4208 and 4214. WEN 4208 vs. 4210 vs. 4212 vs. 4214 vs. SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press Review 1.

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