The overflowing water jar Gudea holds symbolizes the prosperity he brings to the people of Lagash. Gudea standing, holding an overflowing water jar From the Temple of Geshtinanna, Girsu (modern Telloh), Iraq, ca. Warrior, I want to carry out faithfully what you have commanded me; Nin-jirsu, I want to build up your house for you, I want to make it perfect for you, so I will ask your sister, the child born of Eridu, an authority on her own, the lady, the dream-interpreter among the gods, my divine sister from Sirara, Nance, to show me the way.´ His call was heard; his master, Lord Nin-jirsu accepted from Gudea his prayer and supplication. meets the admiring eyes of the gods. Its vineyard ´´Black garden in the steppe´´, planted near the house, is a mountain oozing wine and grows in a place with fearsome radiance. En and lagar priests were detailed to the house to provide maintenance for it. n. A drum. The locks of the E-ninnu are bisons, its door-pivots are lions, from its bolts horned vipers and fierce snakes are hissing at wild bulls. पेंडें [ pēṇḍēṃ ] n (पेड) A necklace composed of strings of pearls. On the other hand, the Sumerian inscription appears to be genuine and would be very difficult to fake. In the inner room (?) He embedded its Car-ur weapon besideLagac like a big standard, placed it in its dreadful place, the Cu-galam, and made it emanate fearsome radiance. Te. 1. Archaeological Museum of Iran, Tehran. This made him extremely happy. Height 61 cm. AO 22126 ca. 2100 BCE. a blue chariot from them for him. the brick, and hoed honey, ghee and precious oil into it. kōve  id. When you, true shepherd Gudea, really set to work for me on my house, the foremost house of all lands, the right arm of Lagac, the Anzud bird roaring on the horizon, the E-ninnu, my royal house, I will call up to heaven for humid winds so that plenty comes down to you from heaven and the land will thrive under your reign in abundance. Four flag-posts(reeds) with rings on top held by the kneeling persons define the four components of the iron smithy/forge. ), Marchands, Diplomates et Empereurs. (ed. Cp. Wood, lapis lazuli, shell, and red limestone, 8" X 1' 7". Many figures of Gudea, both standing and seated, […] (MP)  {N} “^branch, ^twig”. He marked out a fifth square on the site of the temple, saying, ´It is the blue sky in all its splendour´. Rebus: khāṇḍā ‘metal tools, pots and pans’ (Marathi) (B) {V} “(pot, etc.) of an enormous lagoon where snakes have dived (?) °le̯) f., K. ḍāl f., S. ḍhāla, L. ḍhāl (pl. Nin-jirsu, important in Abzu, respected in Nibru! लोखंडी [ lōkhaṇḍī ] f (लोखंड) An iron boiler or other vessel. Études sur la civilization Mésopotamienne offertes à Paul Garelli (Éditions research sur les Civilisations), Paris, 1991, pp. of the Abzu and they tied its ...... to it. actually found within the area of Gudea’s Eninnu, as Unger presumed. 5) holds a vase from which four streams of water flow down on each side of the dress into identical vases depicted on the pedestal, which are equally overflowing with water. luwā, N. lohu, °hā, A. lo, B. lo, no, Or. Such an imagery also occurs on a fragment of a stele, showing part of a lion and vases. Using only mud bricks, the Sumerians erected towering temple platforms several centuries before the Egyptians built stone pyramids. Lady, mother, you who founded Lagac if you but look upon your people, it brings abundance; the worthy young man on whom you look will enjoy a long life. [*rudh — ] Pa. lōha — m. ʻ metal, esp. लोहोलोखंड [ lōhōlōkhaṇḍa ] n (लोह & लोखंड) Iron tools, vessels, or articles in general (Marathi). This made him extremely happy. From its huge oven, great cakes and croissants come. When my heart gets angry at a land that rebels against me - unutterable idea (?) The water-god in his sea house (Abzu) (ea. British Museum, London. Then it needed a day's work to set up each one but by the seventh day he had set them all up around the house. He performed extispicy on a kid and his omen was favourable. Musée du Louvre, Paris. I lay the ritual table and perform correctly the hand-washing rites. Nebuchadnezzar II's Babylon was one of the ancient world's greatest cities and boasted the biblical Tower of Babel.

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