Mikael has always been cruel towards his children after the loss of his first child, Freya, but according to Mikael, he always favored Rebekah, among his other children, probably because she was his daughter and is very similar in appearance to Freya. However, she really came to kill them all by linking them with a spell that would cause each sibling to die only by killing one of them. Her and Marcel try to think of loopholes through Marcel's compulsion. The boy is saved by Damon who hurts Kol. But if she was dead...". Rebekah tells him that he always gets what he wants, no matter what it costs anyone else. She asks Marcel whether he imagined their next meeting being at a wedding, to which he replies that the relationship between the two is never really over. She has exhibited a light-hearted and warm air upon meeting her beloved brothers again, as if the bad blood between them didn't matter in the slightest. Rebekah points out that for someone who claims to not want his child, his actions speak louder than his words. She left him, her emotions towards her father now conflicted. They realize that the only way to save the city from Davina's power they need to complete the harvest. She wants a family, doesn't want to be alone in the world. She appeared in 17/22 episodes during Season 3. She tells Sophie all she's done is reunite two lost souls. Rebekah was put inside Eva Sinclair in The Map of Moments, instantly terrified and startled as she realizes she was trapped inside Dowager Fauline Cottage. Although, she manages to keep Klaus alive. In season two's finale however, it is revealed that Klaus double-crossed Elijah once again, and daggered him to keep him close to him, like the rest of his daggered siblings. I'm sorry to disappoint you again.". He gets down on one knee and asks her the question, "Rebekah Mikaelson, delicate as lace, elegant as a fine home, tough as polished steel, and the love of all my lives. Rebekah wakes up and helps Kol to get up, she hugs him and praises him for being a genius and promises to find a way to save him, whatever it takes. Rebekah fell in love with the Governor's son Emil and wanted to turn him into a vampire so they could be together forever. She now realizes he truly doesn't love her when he tells her they are no longer family. Elijah then ends the conversation with saying that their brother must be in trouble when the witches are brave enough to bring an Original back into town and he wants to find out why. Rebekah is a member of the Mikaelson Family and an unnamed Witch Family. On February 11, 2013 it was announced that Leah Pipes was cast as the human Camille. Elijah was quick to remind his siblings of their vow to remain together always and forever. Klaus asks her to his side now that Elijah has abandoned him and tells her not to leave the city any time soon. Rebekah stopped the wood before it got to Elena. She tries to give him an apple and he says no. In the series finale of The Originals, Klaus Mikaelson offered his sister Rebekah what she wanted most in the world: the cure for immortality. A surprised Elijah whispered to Rebekah, "Perhaps there is hope for our brother after all." Later that night, Rebekah shows up at the Lockwood Mansion to check on Matt. He introduces her to Davina, an incredibly powerful witch who invites her in. When Elijah discovers that she is missing he starts looking for Rebekah. Damon complies with Sage and attempts to coerce Rebekah into lowering her guard so Sage can get into her mind and see her thoughts. Jennifer has been working as a freelance writer for eight years, contributing to BuddyTV, TVRage, Hidden Remote, Gossip On This, and PopMatters. Later on, he is killed by Jeremy and Elena. She is the third Original vampire overall to appear in either series, with, Rebekah was the second Original to have been seen neutralized by Klaus with a white oak ash dagger, the first being, Rebekah is one of only nine recurring characters to appear in more than 10 episodes during their inaugural season on The Vampire Diaries. Stefan attacks her, but being an original vampire, Rebekah overpowers him and "out of jealousy" stabs him. Shane insisted he's real, that he knows where he's buried, and that soon he'll have the spell that wakes him. Kol continues his relationship with Davina Claire, originally because his mother told him to but develops feelings for her. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She is the younger sister of Tristan de Marteland daughter of Count de Martel. He took a risk and confessed his plans to create a dagger that would actually work on Klaus, which stunned Rebekah at first before she decided to pretend to join forces with him. When she awakens, even though she states that she feels human, she quickly learns that she is still a vampire and that Katherine tricked them. In I Would for You, Stefan mentioned her in a conversation he has with Valerie, telling her he smoked recreational herbs with Rebekah, with Valerie guessing right away that she was a bad influence on him. Rebekah told Klaus to leave and take their brothers to meet Hayley, Hope and Freya at Lucien's penthouse. After Damon turned Abby into a vampire and thus preventing Esther from killing her children, Rebekah releases Elena. While possessing Cassie's body, she was played by Natalie Dreyfuss. After Silas betrayed her, she developed the cure. The spirit passes through the locked door, but when Rebekah tries to open it, she finds that there is no doorknob. She was appalled by modern music and fashion. Their neighbors were powerful werewolf warriors, and they quickly became a part of society. He chose the latter. Henrik was killed by the turned wolves. This is demonstrated quite well through her sexual rendezvouses with Damon Salvatore, an enemy of her family, and the subsequent torture she makes him endure after being betrayed and used by him.[8]. When he refused, she locked him in a tomb with the cure. Out of respect for Elijah, she has to come up with an alternative plan. Marcel recalls that he was a boy, he promised that he would marry her someday. Hayley Marshall, Damon Salvatore (ex-fling), Stefan Salvatore (ex-boyfriend), Elena Gilbert (formerly), Caroline Forbes, Cami O'Connell, Matt Donovan (ex-fling) Even Rebekah, whose knowledge of magic was quite limited, knew that Freya was far more powerful than any other witch she had encountered. Rebekah tries to figure out where the White Oak Tree could be. She tells that in order for Freya's plan to work he couldn't die and she couldn't go mad. During the second season of The Vampire Diaries, an old and powerful vampire (possibly one of the Original vampires) named Adrienne was set to appear, but in the end, the character was removed and instead Rebekah appeared in Season Three. She was a regular cast member for first thirteen episodes of the series. Esther was murdered by Klaus in the early 11th century, because she used her powers, and those of some other fellow witches, to suppress his werewolf abilities and bind them to the moonstone through the use of a curse, and for making him the target of Mikael's hatred through her affair. They then settled in what is now Mystic Falls, Virginia, where Esther and Mikael had four more children; Niklaus (who was secretly fathered by a werewolf named Ansel), Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik. The show's creator, Julie Plec, told TVLine how far in the future Rebekah's dream of mortality would come to fruition: “Damon Salvatore needs to grow old and have babies and grand babies and great grand babies with Elena Gilbert-Salvatore. Later on, Klaus and Rebekah reconciled and Klaus genuinly forgives Rebekah and allows her to leave New Orleans. She is portrayed by an American-Canadian actress Riley Voelkel. Rebekah and Elijah leave together. When she arrives home she finds Klaus who has left Elijah and Hayley to the bayou and bite Elijah to make him suffer. She's not wrong. In The Devil is Damned, Rebekah is seen looking at her portrait, telling Klaus that her chin doesn't look delicate enough. Mystic Falls, The Middle Ages, 10th Century. Rebekah returns to New Orleans to take her niece, Hope, and keep her safe from Esther. Elijah refuses Klaus the cure for Rebekah to take before Silas re-claims it, denying Katherine's freedom. To escape, Elijah discovers you must ruin the representation of each other, thus causing him to share with Klaus that he killed Tatia. The only times she has been defeated was when they had the element of surprise, but she was quick to turn the outcome of the battle around. While in the body of Eva Sinclair, Rebekah had the typical weaknesses of a witch. Eventually, Esther took a liking to the young werewolf leader of the village, Ansel. Rebekah befriended Genevieve, a fellow nurse and found out that she was a witch. After the death of their young child, , Henrik, Mikael forced his wife Esther to turn all their children into the immortal, so as not to lose them, as well as Henrik and Freya. She has also supported for Hayley when she needed her help, and Hayley was among the few people that Rebekah said goodbye to, hoping that she would tell crazy stories about her to her unborn niece and asking Hayley to give the child her love. When Ester decides to marry one of their captors instead of escape with her sister and best friend, Dahlia becomes a hate-filled woman.

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