And, they’ll be more aware of what’s considered sexist or not. So, they’re discouraged from reporting further incidents. For example, RSE can help schools and pupils to explore the negative effects sexism has on girls’ general experiences and relationships in school, as well as family and romantic relationships outside of school. Also, it occurs through sexual harassment in social interactions. When I was 14, a sex-education ‘expert’ came to my school, showed us a picture of Liz Hurley at the Oscars and explained that women shouldn’t dress like “that” if they wished to avoid unwanted attention. Rudis adds that her own experiences, along with the teaching strategies she learned through Project Parity—such as addressing girls more often in class and tempering the aggressiveness of students who might otherwise dominate hands-on science activities—enable her to communicate a powerful message to her students: that girls are just as interested as boys in making scientific discoveries. As an educator and high school principal, DeFazio says she "feels very keenly that we need to serve all students." Ash thinks the changes have had an impact. The project had two major objectives, explains Lydia Gibb, assistant director of Project Parity. Growing Smart, she says, offers "simple, inexpensive ways that schools can meet the specific needs of girls" without sacrificing the education of others. Even so, with collaboration and integrity, I think we can change the world. 12. He calls his drive to model an alternative masculinity ‘militant tenderness’. There is a case for the calm and serenity that comes with minimal decor. In his classes any mockery is challenged immediately. Editor’s note: Lots of other teachers will have great ideas about how to stamp out sexism in schools. These two teenage girls, along with 18 other girls, manage and edit the publication of New Moon, The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams. Crucially, tackling sexism in schools requires empowering teachers to take action. 6. Even if you’re a strong believer in gender equity or a self-proclaimed feminist, it lingers in the back of your brain, deep in your subconscious. "I've always been interested in technology, but I never really thought of myself as a science person," she explains. Schools just have to be more aware on the subject, and take it seriously. Meanwhile, the girls’ football team triumphed in every match last year. Gender equality education in schools. Hill PW, McQuillan J, Talbert E, Spiegel A, Gauthier GR, Diamond J. Soc Sci (Basel). Why that word ripe? These young media mavens exhibit the kind of confidence that comes through pursuing something challenging, and both Kelly and Sarette offer this simple advice for others interested in such a venture: "If you want to start a magazine, check around and see what other people want. Because they’re too afraid or, just don’t think it’s a problem. As with other forms of prejudice and discrimination, it functions to maintain status and power differences between groups in society. Then, the tide will start to turn. 9. 2008 May-Jun;79(3):685-704. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8624.2008.01151.x. (Don't worry, we never spam.). Why that word ripe? Audit your bookshelf. “This year I’ve had working-class boys say things to me like ‘it’s OK to cry, isn’t it, sir?’. Thanks for all you do for our children and for taking the time to help them each shine brightly! The following day she greeted my child at the door and asked her what her favorite color was. Another thing schools can do is be vigilant about sexism and sexual abuse. Then, if schools are vigilant, slowly but surely the incidents will decrease. And, the school doesn’t punish the teacher that does this. Are they grouped for activities this way? Some organisations are providing relevant training courses, but ‘tackling sexism’ is not part of all initial teacher training programmes or standard teacher CPD. A year on, it’s become a passion. You may recognise Graham Andre from the telly: the affable teacher was at the heart of the BBC documentary No More Boys and Girls, which saw his year 3 class at Lanesend primary on the Isle of Wight spend a term in a gender-neutral classroom. Ultimately, this would help reduce sexism in society. The questions are part of what Pinkett, a shaven-headed, blokeish English teacher at King’s College Guildford, a comprehensive academy in Surrey, calls “militant tenderness” – his deliberate drive to combat what he sees as the “hyper-masculinisation” of boys by society, by modelling an alternative masculinity that values “kindness, vulnerability and love”. Model this yourself, too. Expand children’s role models. It wasn’t a goal or concern of ours, so I was confused. In early education in particular, our children’s young brains are forming and imbibing every message. I’ve heard authors of girl-led books recount stories of educators wistfully declining an author visit because the boys wouldn’t be interested. 1703 North Beauregard St. Can you imagine if we assigned shapes to babies – only girls can have squares and boys can have circles? In addition, witness the power of inviting real-life role models to the classroom, especially when they disrupt expected gender stereotypes. Tell us how you do it below the line. But if you display visuals during lessons such as “Community Helpers,” be sure that they reflect a variety of genders, ethnicities, and abilities. I felt so affected when I was in school. How To Improve Working Relationships In Your Busi... How To Improve Working Relationships In Your Business, Improving Employee Morale in Your Workplace: A Guide, How Your Business Can Improve its Productivity, These Are The Gadget And Tech Trends Most In Demand. A well-meaning preschool teacher greeted my daughter almost every morning with “you look so pretty today!” Constant comments about appearance reveal adults’ internalized beauty standards for women and girls; a lesson we needn’t pass on to the next generation. "The first report did a good job of laying out what the problems were, but we wanted to provide some solutions.". Go follow them! 20. ", "There are sections on boys and makeup," says Joe Kelly. Teachers, Parents, and … That’s the issue here; sexism isn’t seen as a serious problem. Schools and policy makers can be the engine behind wider societal change. The magazine can be used as a model for educators interested in helping students create their own publications that value girls' voices. Speak to any Title IX attorney and they’ll tell you that this is against the law. They help choose photographs and artwork for each issue, and, they help select the cover art. « Can I prevent my daughter from hating her body? I’m happy for her to be friends with ALL children. by highlighting the negative aspects of stereotypical masculinity, including more books with female leads in the curriculum and exploring gender stereotypes in literature). Evaluate the way you greet students. Staff from the science center then worked with all of the students in participating classrooms—girls and boys—to further explore the scientific concepts introduced at the center. Address your students equally. A lot of what the school is doing is about language, he explains. If you sit everyone down and educate them on the matter, things will change. The most common example of this is a girl not being allowed on a sport’s team. Boys will sometimes lose to girls, in the classroom and someday in the boardroom. To conduct an audit of your classroom books, download Think or Blue’s gender representation book audit form here. "We want girls to know they can do it," says DeFazio. The way they cope with anger is improving, too, he thinks. The final thing is for schools to make it easy for students to report incidents. "Through Project Parity, I rediscovered my interest in other areas of science." Don’t rely on the t-shirt graphic to give you insight into the child. If so, check to see if it has different expectations for different sexes. Sexism, as sociological and culture understanding of the gender differences, exist in schools of all kinds. Organisations like Feminista and Fearless Futures campaign and conduct workshops with schools to challenge sexism and its link to other social justice issues (e.g. Teachers also need training on tackling sexism in school. The number of reported incidents will increase, as girls aren’t afraid to approach teachers on the subject. 3. Matt Pinkett with his year 9 English class.

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