off a mark sheet to keep a record of your Look at these sentences and decide if you can substitute the word ‘time’ for the word ‘money’ (you may have to make a few extra changes): In most of the sentences above you can substitute ‘time’ for ‘money’ without a problem. The missing word will often be part of a set collocational phrase. If so, then we have the ANSWER! The missing word might be part of a simile, a way of saying something One of these words will sometimes be gapped: Witty questions, pitched at just the right level for my regulars. You could save all that time and energy if you were to download our SATISFACTION-GUARANTEED Quiz Packs. From an English language-learner’s point of view, they are the ‘icing on the cake’ much like phrasal verbs and adjectives. Version, 3. Anna Karbowska, CAE student Bolesawiec, Poland. If you want to take your English further, try a live, online English class with LOI. So ask yourself ‘Why is that person using an unusual expression?’ The reasons are likely to be connected with emphasis, exaggeration, or a high state of emotion! He envied his grandchildren having their whole, I always try and put failures behind me and, I don’t know yet what we’ll do if they reject our offer – but, We will have to go soon – we are getting short of, He is determined to make it work – he’s invested so much, He worked my shift at work for me – so I guess I owe him some, Who broke the school window? For me this is the best one." They include a lot of out-dated expressions that no one actually uses anymore (it’s raining cats and dogs), and they’re really hard to memorize. Someone or something that can provide you with a lot of information etc. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge. A bird in the _____ is worth two in the bush. ‘Ground’ is the most commonly used word in this context: In Steven Spielberg’s excellent 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones must find the Ark of the Covenant. the missing word from a choice of four (A, B, C or D). Online Exercise | Print So check the context – and the facial expression! Peter loves teaching pronunciation, explaining grammar, learner-training and better conversation. * Even though our prices are in British Pounds, you can pay in any currency you wish, without extra charges incurred. Thanks again. You’ll also notice that a literal translation into most languages won’t make sense. The idea that you get warmer when you are closer to something is quite common in English and is particularly strong when applied to our relationships with each other. Perhaps the reason is that we imagine a political landscape where people stand in particular places that indicate their opinions on particular issues. This is why we can talk about right – or left-wing politics, and how we can take a position on an issue, stand behind someone we agree with, or change sides in an argument. Some idioms are comprehended during late preschool. Then someone would hide something, some keys perhaps, in some part of the room. For the special discount price of £47.00, a saving of £13.00 off the price of buying them at our usual prices above. Click here to schedule a class with Peter. " For each gap you have to select The missing word in Part 1 will often be part of an idiomatic expression. For example, in most democratic parliaments the political parties sit together in particular parts of the room that they meet in. Don't leave Phrasal verbs are frequently tested in Part 1 of this paper. Notice | Privacy Online Exercise | Print 1. We only include the best questions from our expert question writer in our products. This was a kind of box which was supposed to contain the 10 commandments that were given to Moses. So we can say that our relationships and feelings have some sort of ‘linguistic temperature!’. ‘The wise man builds his house on the rock,’ – so goes the traditional saying (it’s loosely based on Matthew 7:24-27 in the Bible), but while it is certainly wise to build a house on solid ground, and with the proper materials, this saying is generally taken to be about the foundations of our beliefs. Idiomatic expressions are groups of words with an established meaning unrelated to the meanings of the individual words. But she has got really, With so much supporting evidence, the police can, He is such an unreliable witness – his entire testimony was, Our products are strong on reliability and we can, The Police have reopened the case after new evidence, I’ve been working in the archives for the last few months and have, They have started an investigation and hope to, This is no way to run a company – whenever there’s a problem you just, John came top of his class in all of his tests again – he’s a real, People come from all over the world to find, The recent discovery of King Richard’s body has, I think that his political supporters are pretty, These kinds of injuries were more common back in the, I don’t want him to come to dinner – he has very, We’ll give you all the support you need – we’re, It’s not fair – whenever there’s an argument you always, BA in English and Spanish from the University of Bristol, Thesis on Cultural Translation and Ethnography, Currently studying towards a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work - The University of South Africa, Certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

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