What if, contributing to the Originns of Peter Pan's Story. Work Search: I guess you’re right, Neal is indeed the lighter side of Peter Pan, the yang of Malcolm Pan’s Ying. So he decided to back for Michael, only this time, he joined his shadow, miles behind. I do still standby the fact of Rumplestiltskin’s father is Malcolm/Peter Pan, but so is Neal. Overall, he loved Tamara before the SOTM finale, but he never stopped loving Emma. He finally thought things were getting better but instead saw his father sacrificed his life for the best of him for a change. One distinguishing aspect of Neal is many people claim he is not a fairy tale character despite the paternal lineage of his family. Of Celtic origin, the name means "bonfire" and refers to a specific bonfire built on the holiday Beltane From what we imagined Peter Pan to be as kids, from what we saw portrayed in Disney, and multiple happy-go-lucky musicals of Pan, this is the Peter Pan, Neal is. When a fairy offered Bealfire a magic bean that would take him and his father to a land where there was no magic, Rumplestiltskin agreed to accompany his son. He continues to fight despite anyone, anything, any place. You can post your recap of the episode you sent to me yesterday, I think you have a lot of valid points about what works and  what doesn’t. When Fiona, in her desperation to sever her son's fate, ends up banished from th… Baelfire was the third main character to die in Once Upon A Time To Die. Yet, Peter returned to London to see Wendy for the last time. Know a Baelfire? As a child, he preferred watching movies like The Goodfellas instead of Home Alone. I do agree with the 2003 film though. 0. I think it was Jane, anyhow. lol Henry beeing 11 doesn't mean Emma is 29. What if Peter did curse Storybrooke? (edited by Prince of Hearts) 0. RELATED: 10 Once Upon A Time Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses. Geronimo Jackson just happens to be a fictional band on the series Lost. Plus, there's been a couple of subtle references that he was connected to Never Never Land. Baelfire was one of the oldest characters on the show. He is also clever and insightful. This detail was finally seen in the twelfth episode of Season 3 titled "New York City Serenade. He is the good side of Peter Pan. An animal lover, Philip also has a pet giraffe called Refu. and this led to them fighting and ended with Wendy falling out the window, the moment she sowed Pan's shadow back onto him and Peter freaked out when he realised or thought Wendy wasn't pretending to play dead. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. He promises that one day, Hook will pay. To continue, the Old Peter's quest to finding the boy he wanted, before Bae killed Peter. You're dating my sibling but you totally belong with me, just saying. It's a tiny detail that's easy to pass the eye of the viewer. But, if he isn't.. then we'd only know Bae as Neal, but also was a Lost Boy from NL and was an orphan from FTL that Bae ran away to LWM, sacraficed himself to be captive in NL. After all, they can always use magical powers to convert any meal into whatever they want. This is where Peter returns to NL to find the lost boy named Bae. Pan earns Baelfire's trust by informing he'll ask his father to give him the choice of returning to Neverland with him or going back home. Neal finally found hope for a family with the Darlings, but to save them from peril, he saved by giving himself to the Shadow. Besides, he's already established he's centuries old in the QID CTV promo. (Although Baelfire is human at least). R is for run cause peter pan be chasin yo, Of Celtic origin, the name means "bonfire" and refers to a specific bonfire built on the holiday Beltane, a character on ABC's 'Once Upon a Time', Rumplestiltskin's son. I think it would be too crazy if he was Rumple's son (Baelfire), Henry's dad, Emma's lover, AND Peter Pan. For example, the Time Clock represented how much time Peter Pan had in his youth. Try the The address of the adult Baelfire's apartment was 89 Wooster Street, New York, NY, 10012. The older Baelfire is portrayed by Michael Raymond-James while younger versions of the character have been portrayed by three actors namely: Dylan Schmid, Sebastian Wilkinson, Dean Petriw, and Brandon Spink. Unlike his cowardly father, Baelfire is brave and ambitious. My Captain! Hook and Bae fight constantly, where Hook doesn't want to fight Bae. Ohmigod. His girlfriend constantly has to pull him from the front of the TV but he just keeps returning. She exiled to live alone with Peter Pan and left FTL, who took Peter from the LWM to inhabit in NL. http://onceuponatime.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:DarKingdomHearts/Peter_Pan,_Tinkerbell_and_Ariel. That's also why I definitely don't think he is going to be evil as such, I think there is another villain for season 3, and Peter will be just the lackey.. or soon to be hero. Not really. A/N Prologue* Part 1* Part 2* Chapter 3* Chapter 4* Chapter 5* Part 6* Part 7* Part 8* Sorry* Part 9* Part 10* Part 11* Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 A/N Important Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 A/N So sorry! Neal has my vote. It seemed like he was going to be wearing the green tights and feathered hat anytime soon right? The fact that he was in Neverland made him look young though it is also said that he could have chosen to age if he wished. If Bae was in Never Never Land, he could have let it slip somehow. I think it is more of a possibility that he is being controlled by someone, or power consumed... Rumple was good before he went bad. He made sure that he would find Henry,. It's pretty much confirmed that Baelfire/Neal is Peter Pan. He or Emma made made conversational mention of it in Tallahassee (I forget exactly what he or she said); Hook has mentioned the look on the Lost Boys' faces because they were abandoned like Emma (and now we find out Neal was one of those boys, supposedly); and Neal mentioned to Rumple in Manhattan how he had seen his father's face in his dreams "for more years than you can know" or something like that. Think about it?! Almost as true to the book too (though certain things don't really happen lol.. Wendy has more of a feminist role in the movie haha) and Peter Pan is definitely portrayed well as a womaniser. He is being the parent he always longed for himself, and he is the grown up I could clearly see Pan being if he allowed himself to be. Peter tells him that Wendy is dead and Bae is confused, but Peter admits that it was an accident. I think Baelfire would be well in his 40's (edited by administrators) Baelfire. For the sake of convenience, I choose to address him as Neal in this. For at least, two centuries in NL. But what about his youthful looks? In the fourth and fifth season, Robin Hood is portrayed by an unaccredited baby, "Once Upon a Time' recap: A Fairy Tale – Literally", "'Once Upon a Time' season finale recap: Now I'm a Believer", "WonderCon 2012: ONCE UPON A TIME Panel Recap; Plus Highlights from Q&A with Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz", "Once Upon a Time: "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" Review", "'Once Upon a Time' recap: Snow White meets 'Black Swan'", "'Once Upon a Time' recap: There's a She-Wolf in the Freezer", Lightning Round 5: Once Upon a Time Bosses Answer Your Burning Questions, "'Once Upon a Time' recap: Little Boy Lost", 'Once Upon a Time' recap: Faith, Hope and Fairy Dust, "'Once Upon a Time' recap: Fare Thee Belle", "'Once Upon a Time' recap: There and Back Again". In the "The Queen is Dead" Canadian promo, Neal told Emma that he knew Hook and that Earth wasn't his first stop because if he was he would've been a hundred or so years old by now, a hint that it was Neverland that he went to. > C’è stato un tempo, e Neal Cassidy lo ricorda bene nei sogni, in cui Neverland non era un semplice nome su un libro, c’è stato un tempo in cui lui stesso aveva un altro nome.In quel tempo Neverland era un luogo, una sorta di prigione per lui che voleva andarsene ma allo stesso qualcosa di discretamente vicino al paradiso.Se poi pensa a lui, all’incontrastato signore di Neverland, a Peter Pan. Baelfire is the son of the village coward, Rumplestiltskin. Yes he spends time on Neverland which is why he escapes 300 years of aging (Not a hundred something as some people suggested) Rumple is over 300 years old when the curse is enacted. Malcolm portrays the dark figure of Peter Pan that was shown in versions of Peter Pan from Brom’s Child Thief, Damian Dietz’s “Neverland”, and of course,  the original play and book by James Barrie, himself. However, instead o… Not to mention He had NO IDEA who Henry was when he met him in New York, if he was Pan he would have had a look of surprise, or happiness behind his eye's in their moment of meeting. Also, I'm kinda creeped out by the idea that Emma has hooked up with a 300+ year old dude. This conversation happened in Season 2's twentieth episode titled "The Evil Queen.". Tamara once stated that Baelfire hates mayonnaise and avoid Neal avoids it like the plague. In the "The Queen is Dead" Canadian promo, Neal told Emma that he knew Hook and that Earth wasn't his first stop because if he was he would've been a hundred or so years old by now, a hint that it was Neverland that he went to. This detail also came to light in Season 2's premiere episode titled "Broken.".

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