Buttercream Keto Fat Bombs Buttercream Keto Fat Bombs Melt-In-Your-Mouth! I used a silicone mini muffin pan and ended up with 14 bombs (filled the muffin cups all the way to the top). Add some coconut oil to the chocolate when melting and it will end up nice and smooth…, HELLO, i USED HALF AND HALF AND IT TASTED WONDERFUL AND THIN IT FOR DIPPING. Keto Candied Pecans gluten free & paleo, (Ultra Fudgy!) These are extremely easy to make and taste wonderful! And for pretty much every baked good, it’s seriously the best stuff. Can I use Swerve in lieu of erythritol or xylitol? Melt-In-Your-Mouth Keto Buttercream Fat Bombs ☁️ Chocolate or Almond Covered! How much allulose should I use here? Excellent! Please help me with nutritional info..I know you posted at top for entire batch but I only got 12 small in my recipe. These are the bomb! This is my FAV recipe! Next batch I am going to ad the coconut stevia drops. A little fat filled treat, I can have one at the end of the day and not feel like this diet is sucking all the joy out of life (fatty meat and cheese all the time sounds delicious but it gets real old real fast). HEAVEN! Ah, but it still tastes really good! To make the fat bombs, in a bowl cream together the butter and sweetener. The important thing is to avoid using refined sugars, as excess sugar consumption has been linked to a wide variety of chronic health conditions like obesity and inflammation. But do keep in mind that you’ll get a more traditional sweetness with sugar alcohols (erythritol and xylitol) and allulose. I used store brand cream cheese and swerve and did add the vanilla. would you be able to help me get the nutritional values for this. Hi Paola! I know many of you were already using it as a fat bomb, so making it official! I used the Allulose and it turned out well. Just make sure you wait a few moments for the dust to settle before opening the blender or food processor. Will add pumpkin pie spice to my next batch for a seasonal treat! These keto buttercream fat bombs are based on our famous cream cheese buttercream frosting. If you are consuming too much protein, your body won’t be able to enter ketogenesis. These are amazing! ‘Honey’ Mustard Salmon keto & paleo, (15-Minute!) Keto Chili ️ gluten free & paleo, (Sheet Pan!) Just the texture is like… honey butter, maybe?? I did a small modification by crumbling up 2 Low Carb Donuts from an almond flour keto donut recipe and pressed the crumbs into the bottom of my mini liners. Thanks for this recipe! Pumpkin Swirl Brownies gluten free & keto, (No-Bake!) Can you tell me what the scale 1x 2x 3x means and why one of them is highlighted? Came out great! get them warm and squeeze out the juice from them (4-6 strawberries) discard the pith mix in the juice. #keto #fatbombButtercream Keto Fat BombsMelt-In-Your-Mouth Keto Buttercream Fat Bombs ☁️ Chocolate or Almond Covered! Chocolate Ice Cream gluten free, keto & paleo, 15-Minute Grain-Free Tortillas gluten free & keto, (Actually Good!) Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I made these fat bombs. If it’s not coming out fluffy, I think your guess is right and one of the two ingredients isn’t at room temp . Hi Paola! Privacy Policy Recipe Index, Soften the first two ingredients. Hi Carol! If you’re looking for another snack option, we have an excellent keto mug bread recipe that takes less than 3 minutes to make! Use two forks to dip each bomb into the chocolate. When making these fat bombs, you can begin by creaming together the butter (I strongly recommend always using grass fed butter) and your choice of a low carb granulated sweetener in a bowl. Freeze again straight away. I also only got 25 bombs total. I creamed the butter and cheese, but it was still too thick. Plus, a chocolate touch (be it drizzled or dipped!) We prefer making our own chocolate so that we have full control over the macronutrient content. Yup! Thank you so much for this recipe. Required fields are marked *, crème de la crème! Hello. Plus, a chocolate touch (be it drizzled or dipped!) Pressed unsweetened coconut and slivered almonds Into some, and fresh blueberries into the rest before freezing. So versatile! I love your recipes! These turned out great, except for the chocolate. They are awesome!! Any suggestions? HI! LOL by far the best recipe I had tried. What a waste. I didn’t see where in the instructions it said to add the vanilla and salt, so I added it in while I was mixing. Did you know you can make your own keto chocolate chips? These (3 ingredient!) They were thrown together so not pretty, but they were delicious!

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