Mammoth Gulch Road has a sign and will be on the left (south) side of the road. Link to your blog post about this campsite. Park at the bottom of the Mammoth Gulch / East Portal Road Junction. There are extra responsibilites and skills that are necessary for dispersed camping. We'll keep trying to access your location. If it falls within our guidelines, it will be moved to the main Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip, we've got you covered. Mammoth Gulch provides access to or from the northern terminus of the Kingston Peak trail or can be combined with Elk Park Road to make a back way into Apex and the trails around Dakota Hill and Oregon Hill. ran this trail after I finished kingston peak, pretty bumpy and plenty of space to pass, there are a few spots with views but the big reason to come here is to camp, I was just passing through but it still looked like there were plenty of spots (all of which were taken). Anything not on large, aggressive tires will have major issues like we saw. Reminder — You can select the order of your own photos in your Host Dashboard so that they will show up exactly where you want them to on your listing. Visiting Lake Tahoe area | Fallen Leaf Lake & Glen Alpine Falls, Make a short driving day for us from Lone Pine, CA, Have time to explore the larger areas for future campsite options, Easy to locate: Yes; 2 miles from Highway 395 on a gravel road, Would we stay here again: Yes but primarily for an overnight stay passing through the area. We had slow internet with only 1 to 2 bars Verizon, T-Mobile and Google fi connections. Dispersed camping is the term used for camping anywhere in the National Forest OUTSIDE of a designated campground. Be patient with them on this one, we were all n00bs once. innacurate. If you have trouble finding a desired feature, you may need to disable the filter and research individual sites. For a camping experience with service by the free Mammoth Lakes shuttle system and easy access to restaurants and shops in town, reserve a campsite at a campground in town. If you’re aiming for a longer day in the 10 – 14 mile range, stay west (right) along a 4×4 road that traverses below Pile Hill (10,863 ft.) and eventually tops out at 12,029 ft. at the western saddle of 12,147 ft. Kingston Peak. A more rugged split from the main road goes over 12,000 ft. near the summit of Kingston Peak. Staying on the main road reveals nice backcountry ski slopes and the epic views continue for over a mile before returning to the trees. Wide open, up to the Kingston Peak gate, which is still closed. We do not know that the sites listed here should be listed on the You have enabled research data. This is a platform for sharing campgrounds and camp sites you have discovered. Good luck on your own exploring and we’ll see you from the road somewhere soon! Mostly dry on all trails. Free campgrounds can be hard to find. The first mile up the road can be a dark and cold experience, especially in the morning. // Basically the road is a connector to other trails in the area. It was fun to see the difference now in June versus my stay in May 2019. If you’d like to visit the old Mammoth Reservoir site (now drained) and Mammoth Basin, follow this road 0.8 miles to the flat basin. Verify that you can load some other websites. Don’t let the inauspicious start discourage you! The views west to James Peak are indeed worthy. A very easy trail, we went out there to test this XC70 my buddy built out of Baker Garage. View the answers. The weather was cold, windy, wet and rainy so I did not get out and take any pictures. Ask the writer a question. With how vast the public lands are around mammoth lakes, that leaves tons of options for where you can camp, but there are some restrictions for dispersed campers you need to know about. Mammoth Gulch is still cool and connects to a bunch of other stuff. I’ve written about my love of wintery forest roads in previous articles for Elevation Outdoors (see The Joy of a Frozen Road). May 2019, the snow was still very much present! By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Is this campsite on public or private land? Discover campsites, ranches, vineyards, farms, glamping, public parks and more. Sharing is caring, y'all. Verify that your network hardware is connected and functioning properly. Why You Shouldn’t Stack Rocks While Hiking, How California’s 2020 Wildfires Have Affected Mammoth Lakes, Tips for Social Distancing while You’re Snowboarding or Skiing, What You Need to Know About Mammoth Lakes Hotels and COVID-19. The time a dodge. We didn’t see any immediate dispersed area, but a glance at some maps indicated that there may be some just further south along the river. In the summer time, Mammoth Gulch offers a modest 4×4 experience that eventually connects with mountain roads behind the casino-heavy town of Black Hawk. Stop by these pack stations before heading out into backcountry: Shaver Lake Stables, High Sierra Pack Station, Muir Trail Ranch, Huntington Lake, and D & F Pack Station. No hook-ups, no trash service, and no distractions. If you’re a real primitive camping buff and you like it spare as it comes, Mammoth Designated Dispersed Camping Area is a free free-for-all of prime real estate just across from lovely Mammoth Creek. This website requires cookies and local storage. Those up for a huge day may consider parking a second car at the St. Marys Glacier parking area and returning via St. Marys Glacier. It continues up the valley for two miles until closed by a gate on private property. This is all the information currently available. The closest land you’ll find is in the Inyo National Forest which surrounds Mammoth Lakes, but if you’re looking for more land then the Sierra National Forest is also nearby. Elevation Outdoors contributing editor James Dziezynski is the author of Best Summit Hikes in Colorado. view and you will be listed as the contributor. Mammoth Lakes attracts visitors from all over the world year-round, so camping in the most popular areas will require weeks or even months of planning ahead during peak season. Public - Forest Service Website 303-541-2500. Our routes show total mileage as well as driving time and turn by turn directions. Address. Why Is Mountain Biking Such a Popular Activity? You own these lands and you are entitled to use them. They haven't run a bulldozer over the road in a while and it is getting a little bumpy but still passable in 2wd with careful driving.

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