A screenwriter during the McCarthy era who was blacklisted for several years before he cooperated with the Communist-hunting House Un-American Activities Committee, Collins went on to a three-decade career in television as a writer and producer of shows such as “Bonanza” and “Matlock.” He was 98. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. L.A. County suspends outdoor dining at restaurants as coronavirus surges. Writing as Abigail Van Buren, Phillips was the original “Dear Abby” whose no-nonsense advice was dispensed to newspaper readers around the world for over 40 years. The winningest manager of the Baltimore Orioles, left, led the team to the 1970 World Series title and four American League pennants. Derby -- seen here with her then-husband, Ted and their pet jaguar, Clyde -- was a former Hollywood animal trainer and rescuer of exotic and performing animals. In 2003 the retired L.A. schoolteacher unburdened herself of a secret: She, a black woman, was the daughter of Sen. Strom Thurmond, the legendary South Carolina politician who had built a career as a champion of segregation. The insights of the Nobel Prize-winning duo changed the standard treatment of newborns with eye disorders such as cataracts and strabismus. Rene Lynch is a writer and editor with the Saturday section in features. By Alan Duke, CNN. His public TV series included “California’s Gold,” “Visiting,” “'Road Trip” and “Downtown.” His aggressively genial approach with people was his trademark. Marks’ bright smile helped make him a fan favorite, but it appears to have also hidden a troubled side, as evidenced by a fundraising appeal posted on his website, which has not been updated since his death, and he struggled with a bipolar disorder. His Rapture forecasts fizzled, providing fodder for comedians and TV talk show hosts but disappointing his small band of followers. Richardson shared a Nobel Prize for a key discovery in experimental physics. She left the amateur circuit to turn pro in 1951 and lived a life of celebrity for many years. A native of Watts who long was regarded as L.A.'s unofficial poet laureate, Coleman produced works that compelled attention to racism and hatred. Rene Lynch is a writer and editor with the Saturday section in features. She was 80. What’s on TV Tuesday, Nov. 24: “Big Sky” on ABC; “Frontline” looks at the Supreme Court; “NCIS” looks back. He was 87. Ramsay posted a message on his Twitter account Saturday reacting to Marks' death: "Just heard the devastating news about Josh Marks. Winner of the 1985 Nobel Prize in chemistry, the Brooklyn-born scientist’s molecule-mapping work decades ago is still important to the pharmaceutical industry. Credit: But in suburban markets such as the Inland Empire, rent is rising fast. She works across a variety of coverage areas, including wellness, design and food, and edits the weekly L.A. Affairs column. Best known as the murderous, clinically depressed mob boss on HBO’s “The Sopranos,” Gandolfini won three Emmy Awards for the role, now considered one of the landmark characters of television drama. He was 87. TV Guide reports that: The incident came five months after Marks recorded a video for “Make a Sound Project,” in which he revealed that he had bipolar disorder. At the time, the food star had reportedly claimed that MasterChef judge Gordon Ramsay had possessed his body and turned him into God. “I am going to make sure that Josh’s voice and dream live on by fighting for mental healthcare treatment.”. A career .331 hitter, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1969, becoming only the fourth player chosen in his first year of eligibility. "MasterChef" runner-up Joshua Marks was found dead of a gunshot to his head in an alley on Chicago's south side Friday night, police said Saturday. It was a headline-making incident that reportedly led several sponsors to drop him. His 1979 book “Screenplay” became a bestseller that today remains the bible of scriptwriters. She was 92. pic.twitter.com/DXvxep9Jvr, — Phi Cong PhΔm (@congenn) October 12, 2013. The body was found with a gunshot wound to the head and a gun lying nearby. One of seven original Project Mercury astronauts, he was briefly feared lost after orbiting Earth three times and plunging into the Atlantic far from his target. President Obama praised Manford in a 2009 speech to the Human Rights Campaign. And this new diagnosis is apparently the final straw that led him to gain access to a gun (not hard here in America), walk down a back alley in their Chicago neighborhood, and put a bullet though his head. Dr. John Grohol is the founder of Psych Central. Known for her persistent and blunt questioning of 10 presidents, Thomas broke down a succession of barriers to women in the Washington press corps and became a White House fixture. Here are the 5 Fast Facts on the reality star and the details surrounding his death. Apparently, after losing to Christina Ha in the final round of MasterChef in September 2012, things quickly went south for Josh Marks’ mental health: “But, behind that huge smile, Josh was in the battle of his life fighting mental illness,” a family statement said. He was 51. Season 3 “MasterChef” Josh Marks, who died Friday in a suspected suicide. She was 95. “That’s not what I am, that’s not what I am,” he told his mother, the lawyer said. He was 74. The self-made millionaire bought the Lakers in 1979 and brought a sense of showmanship that transformed pro basketball from sport to spectacle. He became a household name with TV commercials for his STP fuel and oil additives. He was 77. Revered in the food world and beloved by home cooks who found her recipes to be both doable and delicious, Hazan made it her life’s work to preserve and innovate the best regional cooking in Italy. He was 83. Best known for his role as Finn Hudson, a kindhearted jock who had a love for singing in the TV series “Glee,” Monteith was a heartthrob for fans known as “Gleeks.” The actor accidentally overdosed on a mix of heroin and alcohol while in Canada, according to the coroner. In 1957 the divorced mother of two teamed up with middle-aged gynecologist Williams Masters in a research collaboration that would permanently illuminate the taboo subject of sex. Instead of being sent to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, he was sent to prison, and placed within the general prison population. He was 31. His teams won 1,480 games and lost 1,060, and his winning percentage (.583) ranks ninth all-time and fifth among managers in the modern era who managed 10 years or more. He was 40. How can you appropriately treat your loved one’s mental health challenges if access to necessary care is virtually non-existent?”. Their landmark books include “Human Sexual Response” and “Human Sexual Inadequacy.” She was 88. Her work, he said, was the “story of America.” She was 92. The country singer was found dead on her front porch, the victim of a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to officials in Arkansas. Josh Marks – Favoritten…… R.I.P #Masterchef. He was 78. She was 88. Among his best known works were the novels “Mrs. Clearly, Marks was a man with many troubles, especially suffering from bipolar disorder. Manzarek was 74. advice, diagnosis or treatment. He was 88. Updated 1930 GMT (0330 HKT) October 13, 2013. He was 95. Kalashnikov created the AK-47, a cheap, simple, rugged assault rifle that became the weapon of choice for more than 50 standing armies as well as drug lords, street gangs, revolutionaries, terrorists, pirates and thugs the world over. Why TV’s next Golden Age might come thanks to adult animation, First the streaming wars. But they are nonetheless poised to revive longstanding concerns about reality TV show casting, and the wisdom of plucking men and women from quiet, and perhaps troubled, lives and thrusting them into the harsh spotlight for entertainment’s sake. Powered by. It wasn't the thought that I would actually drop Josh, especially being as that he's a friend of mine. A legend in moviemaking for his makeup work in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Freeborn went on to create looks for “Star Wars” characters Yoda, Chewbacca, the Ewoks and Jabba the Hutt. His death comes three months after he was arrested following a scuffle with several Chicago police officers, according to the Chicago Tribune. Police say two relatives and an acquaintance of Marks’s were on the scene, and reportedly told them that he had suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Despite his rambling delusions, he received no mental health treatment nor evaluation while in prison. He was 80. — when you’re discharging them from treatment. The stop-motion animation legend known for creating special effects for “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms,” “Jason and the Argonauts” and other science fiction film classics became a cult figure who inspired later generations of filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and James Cameron.

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