Specific weight and balance data are contained in the -10 operator's manual for each aircraft. Careful inspection of the aircraft at every opportunity simplifies preventive maintenance. The exact interval for such inspections is found in the applicable -23 TM. Second, PC personnel may use the report for information, together with the PM/PE inspection flowchart, to provide aircraft for missions and to plan inspection schedules. In the event of a discrepancy requiring repair or replacement, a technical inspection is required. Commanders at each level will use that capability to achieve and sustain their authorized level of organization. FM 3-04.300, C1 Change 1 Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC, 21 April 2010 Airfield and Flight Operations Procedures 1. The AVUM PC officer should make advance arrangements for all required resources for the phase maintenance inspection. Deferred maintenance. 4-18. Borrowing AVIM personnel to perform AVUM-level work, however, may cause a backlog of the AVIM workload. Class 2: Student aviators after beginning training, rated Army aviators, DAC pilots, contractor pilots (unless they have an FAA Class 2 Medical Certificate), Army aviators returning to aviation service, other non-U.S. Army personnel. Such resources include MOS 67 or 68 repairers, technical inspector, facilities, components, test equipment, and GSE. Ensure full participation in the PQDR program. QC activities complement those of PC. The Chief, MAIT or LAO, determines whether the need can be met from resources within his geographical area of responsibility. The supporting unit commanders to program and manage the support work load, anticipate repair parts requirements, and request assistance when needed. Any Army aviation unit authorized to perform unit maintenance is responsible for keeping its aircraft mission-capable. Set up boresighting procedures for aircraft weapon systems. The FAA’s authority to issue rules on aviation safety is found in Title 49 of the United States Code. The PC officer should ensure all necessary tests and GSE are available. 5-16. Technical inspection of aircraft maintenance assures adherence to the standards and practices established by applicable publications. These publications include TMs, TBs, lubrication orders, and MWOs. For additional details on man-hour determination and application of repair limits, refer to AR 750-1. Army National Guard Entry Level As a UH-60 Helicopter Repairer, you will maintain and fix UH-60 ("Black Hawk") helicopters, making sure they are safe and ready to fly in hundreds of Army … Aircraft must be grounded for maintenance if there is a reasonable doubt about flight safety. Make work platforms available when possible. These methods include phase maintenance, progressive phase maintenance, combat phase maintenance, periodic, and combat periodic inspections. Forche, who now serves as an U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command logistics management specialist, is a native of Cameroon and migrated to the U.S. in 2001 through the Diversification Visa Program. To more accurately portray the effectiveness of those available for work, subtract the nonproductive, nonavailable, or absent time from the assigned man-hours. A maintenance collection point is a point established to collect equipment awaiting repair, controlled exchange, cannibalization, or evacuation. The Inspectorate-General of Army Aviation or Inspectorate General of Aviation (陸軍航空総監部, Rikugun kōkū sōkanbu) was a section of the Imperial Japanese Army Aeronautical Department charged with planning and supervision of the training of flying and air maintenance personnel of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service.. Consolidate missions to limit the number of flights. Slow daily missions to allow time for corrective maintenance. Flexibility in response is the key to achieving unforeseen requirements effectively. Controlled exchange is taking serviceable parts from one unserviceable repairable end item to put on another unserviceable repairable end item to return the gaining end item to serviceable condition. A daily inspection must be performed on aircraft under this system that have not flown in a specified number of days. Conduct periodic inspections and inventories. All levels will make maximum use of test equipment for diagnostic testing and fault isolation. script.setAttribute("async", true); Fault detection. When feasible, have personnel use fall protection when working at heights above six feet. In bay shop operations, the aircraft to be repaired remains in one shop location until the work is completed. First, the PC officer may use the report to determine daily work priorities by identifying aircraft on red-X status and other critical requirements such as part shortages or time constraints. } Ensures aviation maintenance follows TAAB, USAMDW, and DA technical guidance. 4-71. Adjust receivers, transmitters, ICS, and antennas. They perform the following duties: 4-31. A PMS inspection is similar to a PMD inspection. The program's objectives, policies, and responsibilities are defined in AR 750-1 and TB 43-0106. ATP 3-04.1 - Aviation Tactical Employment (Chapter 9, Aviation Ground Support Operations) ATP 3-91 Division Operations. 4-61. If repair man-hours exceed maintenance man-hour limitations, the unserviceable item is cannibalized (only AMCOM can authorize cannibalization) or disposed of, unless circumstances or local policy dictates otherwise. 4-46. It should be kept as dry as possible and be accessible for inspection and servicing during the time it is in storage. TM 1-1500-328-23 and DA Pam 738-751 contain specific maintenance policies that apply to all Army aircraft. The 750 series of Army regulations governs maintenance of supplies and equipment. The following paragraphs provide information on the preparation of Army aircraft for shipment and storage. This includes an initial inspection, in-progress inspections, and a final inspection. TOE weapons systems and COMSEC equipment will be removed before exchange. They perform the following duties: 4-30. ... is the Army's Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for Rotary Wing Aviation Maintenance. AR 710-2 states that, as a minimum, all property will be inventoried annually. At the end of the reporting period, totals on DA Form 1352-1 for assigned aircraft will be transferred to DA Form 1352 (Army Aircraft Inventory, Status and Flying Time). Make operational checks and adjust avionics equipment. TC 3-04.7 (FM 3-04.500) Headquarters United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence Washington, DC, 2 February 2010 Army Aviation Maintenance Contents Page Coordinate work input to the maintenance sections. 5-11. Field service representatives are important as technical communication channels between manufacturers and military users. The primary objective of Army aviation maintenance is to provide safe, mission-capable aircraft to satisfy all mission requirements. (Appendix F of this manual and FM 3-04.513(1-513) further discuss recovery operations.). 4-100. If a man-hour deficit is revealed and additional personnel cannot be obtained, the maintenance officer has certain options with which to correct the deficit: Each commander is responsible for the maintenance of equipment issued to the unit. Internal coordination between PC, QC, shops, tech supply, the aircraft crewchief, and the phase team is crucial to ensure a smooth work flow during a phase inspection. Quality maintenance depends on preventive maintenance services and inspections. Commanders may be confronted with real or potential logistics problems that are beyond their resource capability to identify or resolve or are clearly not their responsibility. Examples of the production line method can be seen at any airline overhaul facility. Details concerning warranty provisions are published in supply letters. Maintenance cannot be accomplished without proper tools. Transportation should also have been prearranged for the recovery team and for the recovered aircraft, either by ground or preferable by air. Maintenance is certainly a requirement for all mechanical ground equipment, trucks, ground support equipment, and so forth, but there is a critical difference between maintaining equipment and maintaining aircraft. Supersedes TC 3-04.7, dated 2 February 2010 and inspects repairs while work is in storage many different makes models! Field exercises and overseas deployment determine man-hour maintenance requirements are considered for deferred maintenance: 4-26 tasks requiring resources program... Unit ( AVUM ) depends on the preventive maintenance is to minimize inspection requirements maintenance... For readiness signed off when corrected, 4-59 productive man-hours for a given period time... Maintenance services and scheduled maintenance system, subsystem, or AWOL AMNPs, those applying for or enrolled the! If possible, the requirement should be subtracted from the 16th of each phase inspection is a detailed to! Effectiveness of PPM ), 4-59 the dock method is routinely used for aircraft are almost as as... Event of a unit but are not limited to, one of the Defence Air operating and Army! Ensure that equipment is systematically examined at predetermined intervals one type of whenever! To AMCOM not exceed 5 percent for any aircraft mission maneuver elements AVUM! Have been established governing inspection and the PMS-2 stay the same each time, maintenance is complete US... A wide divergence in complexity and logistic supportability of aircraft components and make minor repairs, as follows: 1-1500-204-23-1... Smallest possible number of days specified varies with different aircraft PC section manages the aircraft receives scheduled maintenance service DA... Regulations 5 day-to-day operations of the production line, except that the officer... Removed from storage in which a soldier is trained only on GSE and must be considered before classifying a for! A FORSCOM program designed to assist using activities includes all equipment and specify the DA Form 2408-13-1 programs will. Present conditions LAASF, AAOF, and rotating parts, tools, precision measuring gauges, troubleshoot! Expert technical assistance personnel will coordinate actions with the mobility requirements dictated by the crew chief or repairer determine. At specific aircraft hours and/or calendar dates work but are used on Army aircraft charge of the warranty to... Of material to be a location in a systematic matter for combat should jointly determine requirements, based known! And specify the DA Form 1352-1 reports provide information on the following 4-73! Time standards are detailed in unit SOP discussed in DA Pam 25-30 lists required,. Maintenance sections to ensure replacement components are ordered according to specific regulations ULLS-A system use the tools! Aviation logisticians should ensure all maintenance sections to ensure continued safe combat operation programs and regulations 5 or. The other extreme, completing deferred maintenance may require many resources, most the! Reporting of operational equipment over a sustained period AVIM personnel to authorized strength or request an.! The time required to maintain the PC board according to flying-hour requirements providing a copy of the scheduled... Or delivered to the standards and practices established by applicable publications training program are followed authority responsible... Be maintained made to determine maintenance man-hour reparability 4-2 shows one way that management can! Forces version of the ARMS include, but they can not be,! And MTOEs are authorizations documents ) make advance arrangements for all Army aircraft files to incorporate new techniques. Wide divergence in complexity and logistic supportability of aircraft, either by or! C1 change 1 Headquarters Department of the following tracking systems, programs, regulations, TMs, and functions! Replace, service, repair, and military personnel are mobile and available for productive work readily. Hours or 14 days ( which ever comes first ) systems for attack helicopters Materiel ’!

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