Click here to browse. So if someone come up with this idea (as I did before searching for it and fumbling onto Puget systems), they won't be allowed to do it because of a flawed patent system, from then on being a real barrier towards human technological evolution in regards to applications tied with some material properties they didn't invent : this "company" is essentially "parasiting" a market where it's not even an active participant, and should get its patent canceled. us patent 20080017355 A1 would be the one that would be closest patent they have to be violated. Would love to see AnandTech try, and give us a build list plus step-by-step! cooling heated parts with oil is as old an idea as oil itself. You think today is corrupt? The whole point of this is to be a DIY project. Patents my ass. so any one that want to make it can make it. A leak begin to happen after this incident, and it was hard to locate. two fishing swimming in the tank @ 45-46. If you find this interesting, you can read ahead and watch some useful videos that detail the process of making a mineral oil-cooled PC. It seems like large scale players in this space (GRC for one) custom fab their enclosures--presumably out of aluminum or steel. 2nd they don't own science nor material properties (nobody should be allowed to "own" Nature's / Universe's properties anyways, a discovery is not an invention). how well would a D5 Vario pump handle this? It did turn into a trickle though, so at a certain point you might be hurting things more than helping. Monopoly's are illegal too. I think you are referring to pudget systems... the company still exists, but the mineral oil project seems to be dead :(. hang in there i know you can make a comeback sooner. The mineral oil is non-conductive, so the electronics do not short out. But that's not mineral oil.. Anyone can send a cease and desist letter, it doesn't mean they own your work. thank you ill give it some thought and possible do that. By law; if it has been over 10 years since they got their patents it becomes public domain as to prevent a monopoly, why didn't I check this a long time ago :(I wanted to build one when I get the money but fuck it...This could had been worth showing in the PC rig displaces. WARNING: Submerging your hardware in mineral oil will void your warranty. This is very, very unfortunate. Not an issue. If they cant / dont want to sell kits then they could atleast give us the cad info and pass the torch so to speak. Just sell it as a open air test bench. Is this the patent in question? For any system builders and modders out there, it would be interesting to see this done in a traditional PC. I too, was excited to discover this product and then disappointed to find it had been discontinued. Not to make money, but to insure the information doesn't disappear or get buried from the public eye like the magneto crank generator, the electric car, the water car, and of course Thorium fuel. Prior art searches are usually limited to certain channels, such as prior patents, scientific publications, etc. I will set up the system as a chilled water system as I originally planned but submerge the computer in oil. Vegetable oil also isn't clear, so I would think it wouldn't look as nice. Like this. But I think you guys need to seriously set up a fund to fight this. Today's implementation has a lot of catching up to the ideals of our Fathers. Fortunately, patent laws aren't the same everywhere (USA is probably THE country where companies are abusive with such otherwise basically legitimate legal tool, where corrupting the government is so easy so as to put forth such patenting ill-devised rules... i.e. Shame enthusiast will never get the experience of building in one of these incredible cases. The concept of using non-conductive fluid can not be used for a patent. :(. I, personally, wouldn't want to deal with a mineral-oiled PC, but the fact that you can is just fantastic and many people out there would have loved to do it. something similar has already been filed and expired years ago before computers were a thing but stills falls within its claims and I would list it for you but I am having trouble at the moment finding the right one but I know I have read it once. They don't have to. surrounding air). Would a Liquid cpu cooler work with this? and with socialistic i mean that it holds values similar to socialism, anarchism grew hugely with the grow of socialism because the anarchists believed socialism could not be achieved trough a state. 1. Check out the History tab for pictures. I apologize for any confusion I've caused and I thank you very much for reading my comment! Oh that's right! Press J to jump to the feed. Watercooling is expensive for mainly that reason. In this subreddit, we celebrate and promote the ultimate gaming and working platform. I even got to write an article about it. I want a decent but of flow. Too bad they were allowed to patent this in the first place. Dear @microsoft Excel If you could post this information with dates and this could be useful to anyone threatened in the future by the non-practicing entity. Now that Maslow's law has really started hitting the processors industry, it would be great to have one of these kits. Profit is all about being a dbag because your goal is to extract more resources out of someone for something than what it's worth. As a LLC you are not personally liable, and chances are they are trying to scare you out of business (and it worked). Saudi Aramco is the wealthiest today at 2 trillion, and was worth $4.1 trillion just before OPEC totally lost its ability to corner any markets (primarily because North America has 1/3rd of the world's oil reserves, and we've only been able to tap them with recent technology advancements.). Ever hear of the Cray 2?For a little background, I do have a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and have over 20 issued patents. If you run a business, it's an incredibly bad idea to not be incorporated (You can risk losing all of your personal possessions and life savings if you don't. Sponsored Post: HP OMEN Desktops with AMD Hardware Hit the Sweet Spot for Gamers, AT Deals: SanDisk Ultra 3D 4TB SSD $399 at Amazon, Intel’s New eASIC N5X Series: Hardened Security for 5G and AI Through Structured ASICs, “Microsoft Pluton Hardware Security Coming to Our CPUs”: AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, AT Deals: Ryzen 9 3900X Processor is $419 at Newegg. I'm also thinking that if the project is popularising the idea of mineral oil cooled PC's, then this can only serve to increase the patent holder's business as more people will hear about the technology and take it more seriously. It's such a shame that this never worked out because of someone else's greed. I went down the rabbit hole of them and they seem very cool, I want to try it but am hesitant to do so. That pump should work just fine. so sorry to hear, i'vw been following you guys for at least a couple of years, and recently knew you discontinued this project because of this patent problem.Hope you end up doing something different and equally engaging! If the above statement is true , May you give back to the enthusiast community ,at least some of the "How to" & "Know how". Anyone having found any exactly fitting Tank to the Open Air Test Bench? We have a much bigger business building high-quality computers, and cannot risk that business over this issue. We appreciate your support, but it is just not a fight worth having to us. See what desktops we recommend for a variety of uses. What would happen if a person with one of these systems reversed engineered drawing from your kit then released them public.

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