I started realizing what had been pain in the neck embarrassing gas problems in my thirties was in reality the start of my allergy to onions and garlic. So frustrating. I wonder if I have that same gene. There is so much out there that I can not have. I’ve never reacted to garlic that way before, even though it’s in the same family. Thereby causing the release of histamine that inhibits normal bodily functions. I think I ate half of it. GI doctors haven’t caught on even to this day. When cooked, garlic loses its allicin. and i thought i was the only one! Reaction is sometimes instantaneous, but more often it’s 20 minutes to 12 hours later. I feel like I have a hangover after onions/peppers. later, she attended a wellness expo, and sampled some “healthy” soup. Or driving down the street and the smell of wild onions are growing somewhere. no long term symptoms. I also avoid cooked onions as the taste of foods with cooked onions is also unpleasant to me. At a fancy restaurant that doesn’t have kids menu, ask what they would offer to serve to a kid. If you accidentally come in contact with raw onion/garlic, IMMEDIATELY go scrape your tongue with an actual tongue scraper, then brush your teeth while paying special attention to the back of your tongue, and finally use mouth wash. I have also spent a lot more time in my kitchen and have expanded my talents of cooking different types of cuisines. Might anyone know of a support group? However, what you should understand is that allergies don’t manifest themselves only when you consume food with the allergens; it is also common when you breathe in the particles or even handle it on your hands. He/she has to deal with itching all over the body, which later leads to irritability. The time an individual will take to react to an exposure to onions vary from one individual to another. Feel sorry for sufferers who do not know they are allergic to onions and struggle on. These further proceed to the shedding of the outer layers of the fingers due to thickening. I know many people that cannot eat onion so it is not rare by any means. One day I ate a fast food hamburger and got a piece of onion under my tongue. I strictly avoid raw onions and am extremely sensitive to the taste which to me is quite revolting. I’ve recently tried a homeopathic item called “Histiminum” immediately upon having a reaction. Rena, you’re describing a severe onion intolerance. If they have tomatoes for pizza topics you can usually get them to add them on. But sometimes it’s hard cause there are onions in everything. In many cases, a person may not be allergic but is intolerant to onions. Thanks for all your tips and knowledge. When a vimpire like me eats garlic, chives N raw onions etc… I can’t breath. Difference between food allergy and food intolerance. This eventually happens for me with anything that makes me violently ill. Another potential complication from a garlic allergy is anaphylaxis. Thank you. Make sure to remove any pieces of onion/garlic. LOL! A garlic allergy is rare. Thanks so much. Thanks. Then, I ate some stuffing, and boom, right back to wanting to die to take away the pain. This happens to me now too. And mistakenly treat the said food proteins as an invasive “treat,” which is further displayed in the form of rashes, wheezing, itching, and other life-threatening symptoms, almost immediately after coming in contact with the allergen. Prompt medical care is recommended. This has happened once before with garlic and onions being cooked. That is because I have not actively eaten garlic or onion for over two years. I was subsequently diagnosed with MCS or (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, also known as TILT or (Toxic Induced Loss Of Tolerance).

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