5. — DR. NICOLE LEPERA, “The Holistic Psychologist”. It’s the strain of trying to do so with people who don’t fit us anymore that really does us in. You don’t have anything in common, and you don’t have anything more than small talk over drinks. But when you add to this the burden of wondering what you might have said or done to hasten the end, it can add emotional uncertainty that leaves you doubting yourself with any new friendships you form. You’ve done something you established was a friendship no-no in middle school and have realized that it’s somehow still applicable in adulthood. Because it’s when you fall into this habit of not expressing your needs and expectations so that you can both adapt and adjust to your relationship that you end up in a monumental fight that you never get over– one that continues on because you’ve finally opened the floodgates to everything you’ve been withholding. When this happens, it’s usually time to just let it happen. It’s just one of the realities that even close friendships change. Things that serve one or both people better. It may end with drama or it may end with no drama at all. Maybe we don’t deserve to give our time and energy to people who choose these things over us. And maybe these limits are set for a reason. But more often, that’s not the case at all. In fact, most friendships end at some point for a variety of reasons. You don’t deserve deceit from your friend if you have always been loyal and truthful in return. 5. Friends may drift apart because their lives suddenly change (as in the case of a new job, marriage, or baby) or when they no longer share the same things in common.Friendships may dwindle It doesn’t always have to mean you don’t care about the person, and it’s not always a symptom of just needing to try harder. You may unsubscribe at any time. It’s just that those not willing to be fully invested, may not reach the depth needed to reach God Buddy levels and thus, may not last as long. And the best thing to do is to move on and keep moving forward. Are you in a situation in which you do everything for your friend but your friend does nothing for you? Sometimes it is possible that friendships naturally come to a break off point because they cannot stand the test of time and distance. Learn about us. Sometimes you let too much frustration or irritation fall to the wayside, for fear of starting an unnecessary argument over something that you can self-modulate to deal with without having to involve the other person. Privacy Policy Keith R. Anderson, author of the book Friendships That Run Deep described the many seasons of friendships (outlined in the aforementioned post) but he also included 5 reasons for why friendships end: In each case, the reason for closure could be a two-way street and either or both of you may be the reason the friendship ends. Her insights on self-sabotage, emotional intelligence, and deep transformation are invaluable. You’re Not Obligated To Stay In Touch With Your Old Friends, Jalissa Brown On Finding The Strength To Share What Life Is Like With Hidradenitis Suppurativa, 10 Things We Should Say To Ourselves More Often, Surround Yourself With Empowering Friendships And Watch Your Whole World Change, Why We Need To Move On When It’s Time To Move On, http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/5-things-that-end-friendships-and-why-that-just-might-be-okay/, http://thoughtcatalog.com/brianna-wiest/2013/09/5-things-that-end-friendships-and-why-that-just-migh…. Things that serve one or both people better. Reblogged this on The Things You Didn't Know. Contact So here are some ways to end any friendship gracefully and properly: Now, I’m suggesting that you should never end a friendship that does not go deep. Brianna Wiest’s new book, The Mountain Is You, offers a life-changing strategy for transforming self-sabotage into self-mastery. Things that serve one or both people better. If you think that you are not getting the kind of satisfaction and emotional belongingness from your friendship that you should, it may be time to end the friendship. Keith R. Anderson, author of the book Friendships That Run Deep described the many seasons of friendships (outlined in the aforementioned post) but he also included 5 reasons for why friendships end:. We don’t know how to phase people in and out of our lives without getting attached. This book is about self-sabotage and how to stop doing it—for good. Granted, sometimes we have life-long friends who grow and change as we do, but that’s often not the case. We change. Despite the reason our friendship ended, while they lasted they were good. 3. And we’re not supposed to spend forever with people who don’t help us to enjoy life or teach us things about the world or ourselves or who generally don’t serve a purpose other than to frustrate us. If there’s anything we have to learn, it’s how much we need to allow ourselves the flexibility to grow and change and to learn that letting go doesn’t have to be sad and unfortunate, but an incredible opportunity to embrace what’s coming for us next. All Rights Reserved. When this happens, it’s usually time to just let it happen. Accepting that is much better than trying to hold onto the pieces that are left. You’ve begun to drift…. Friendships can end because of many reasons. In the end, it is not the mountain we master, but ourselves. Sometimes, we just have to accept that things are changing. Reblogged this on -Rhymes & Random Reads- and commented: Your friendship is not reciprocated. 4. Things that don’t have to be other people or friendships, but anything that we subconsciously deem as more worthy of our energy. “Brianna’s book is a beautiful expression of healing. […] http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/5-things-that-end-friendships-and-why-that-just-might-be-okay/ […], […] 24 2013 Leave a comment Uncategorized […]. But it doesn’t mean that you care less for that person (just because you don’t get to spend a lot of time anymore). If you think that you and your friend have mutually lost interest in your friendship, it is a good enough reason to end your friendship amicably at that point. From a post by Brianna Wiest http://thoughtcatalog.com/brianna-wiest/2013/09/5-things-that-end-friendships-and-why-that-just-migh… […].

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