The Guangxi Specialty LuoSiFen (Pickle Flavor Noodles) packs are sealed to ensure they are not compromised. (Xinhua/Huang Xiaobang), 9th China Harbin Int'l Ice-Assemblage Championship held in Harbin, New Year's Eve fireworks display in Australia's Sydney, Tourists look at giant panda at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, In pics: scenic spot in Daowai District of Harbin in NW China, Aussie firefighter killed after truck rolls in "fire tornado", High-speed rail connects Inner Mongolia, Beijing, China's new aircraft carrier designed, built independently, 010020070750000000000000011102351386766891. Each pack contains something essential for this flavourful and aromatic soup base, and the separate packaging allows you to adjust the soup to your taste. /Taobao. /Weibo. In 2019, sales of instant river snail rice noodle packages exceeded 6 billion yuan ($845 million). The red chili oil, the yellow Yuba (dried bean milk cream in tight rolls), the green vegetables, the black fungus and the white, chewier rice noodles. River snail rice noodles give the city a new way out as the number of instant river snail rice noodle manufacturers has been mushrooming and the online market has been expanding. Like most other Chinese noodles, the soup is what makes the bowl of noodles. Unlike instant noodles, luosifen needs to be boiled, but only for 15 minutes. The sourness of the bamboo shoots compliments the noodles well, and you can alter the flavor of the soup with fresh vegetables, meat, and spices. So why doesn't the pungency get in the way of those who are passionate about luosifen? The government of Liuzhou has been boosting a series of industries related to river snail rice noodle. Since not everyone is a "pastry master" and not everyone wants to spend the time cooking, convenience food has seen a huge increase in sales such as instant noodles, frozen dumplings and instant hotpot kits. © 2018-2020, MyChineseRecipes. Copyright © 2020 CGTN. They say there’s only one way to find a luosifen (螺蛳粉) restaurant: follow your nose. Workers pack instant river snail rice noodles at a factory in Liuzhou, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. /VCG. The Guangxi Specialty LuoSiFen (Pickle Flavor Noodles) contains a noodle packet, sour bamboo shoots packet, soup base packet, peanut packet, bean curd packet, and chili oil packet. The government of Liuzhou has been boosting a series of industries related to river snail rice noodle. Luosifen is a good-looking dish with the collocation of different colored ingredients. River snail rice noodles give the city a new way out as the number of instant river snail rice noodle manufacturers has been mushrooming and the … A pack of instant luosifen contains dried rice noodles, soup concentrate and classic toppings. In terms of flavor, luosifen is sour, spicy and salty. This soup base gives your noodle soup an … In an effort to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading, Chinese people continue to order groceries online and cook at home even many of them are gradually getting back to work. The first taste of the soup base gives you a tangy flavor, with a hint of spiciness. /Taobao. Your email address will not be published. The river snails are in fact mostly used alongside pork bones to produce a rich broth, spiced with black cardamom, black pepper, dried tangerine peel, fennel seeds, cassia bark, cloves and a whole lot more. The packaged luosifen has become increasingly popular since it hit the market in late 2014 and it has a shelf life ranging from 30 days to six months. You can then add whatever extra ingredients you want. The unique soup … Since the rice noodles are less starchy and the taste is cleaner, it can be paired with almost anything. Required fields are marked *. Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3, 'Smelly' noodles in high demand as people stop dining out amid epidemic. Usually sold at roadside stands or night fairs in Guangxi, river snail noodles received positive responses from customers across the country, which prompted its instant version that allows eaters to cooking it anywhere and anytime instead of visiting a physical store. Add the boiled noodles and simmer until it is soft. Discover China: Earthworms unearth benefits for rural China's poverty relief, China's Guangxi lifts 1.25 mln out of poverty in 2019, Sculptors take part in 9th China Harbin Int'l Ice-Assemblage Championship, Industries related to river snail rice noodles boosted in poverty alleviation in S China, Death toll in Indonesia's capital floods rises to 43, 390,000 displaced, In pics: Yongxing School on Yongxing Island of Sansha City, S China. Just like the notorious durian fruit, this snail-based rice noodle soup dish has created a buzz on Chinese social media thanks to its infamous smell. The promotion of river snail rice noodles benefits the impoverished households in Liuzhou as the output value of the industry has reached six billion yuan (860 million U.S. dollars) per year. A signature dish of Liuzhou, in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the river snail noodles are made from pickled bamboo, dried turnip, fresh vegetables and peanuts, and served in a spicy noodle broth flavored with river snails. Poverty reduction: What does 2020 mean to China? One of the leading brands, Haohuanluo, have sold over 450,000 three-pack luosifen on its Taobao Flagship Store in February.

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