The Seek Reveal XR Fast Frame could help you in your search for that very animal. For the discerning pest controller, I then took some images of a shot rabbit, and these help me to display some of the pros and cons as I see them. Equipped with a extremely high performance 320 x 240 pixel thermal detector, the Reveal PRO produces excellent quality thermal images and … Images can be easily downloaded via USB connection to your PC, with a micro USB connection cable included as standard in the box. Often I have followed the dog into a treeline on hands and knees as she follows the route that the beast took. It offers all the features of the Seek RevealXR: 320 by 240 thermal sensor, 32-degrees field of view, -40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit. I went out on a particularly warm evening and results weren’t so good, but on the following night, which was much cooler, the rabbits stood out well at 50 yards away. Although there are some set-up options, I just turned it on and it worked immediately. It’s ideal for spotting fresh blood trails, tracking shot quarry across various terrains and for searching out a beast that has run on into light cover. easily covers that of ejected matter or blood splatter. As always, shot sit analysis is key… ALWAYS! Look out for our next article, featuring the Pulsar XQ19 from Scott Country International from Scott Country International. Low grade units cant see through cover and only work in direct line of sight. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. High Resolution Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras. It includes a 320 x 240p thermal sensor: the 76 800 temperature pixels provide the user with maximum clarity and sensitivity. When tracking, the tracker needs to be observing ahead at all times, as well as checking the ground underfoot and looking for sign as they move. It’s so clever that it blows my mind. Take back the advantage with a Seek … easily coping with anything the wild outdoors can throw at it. Just look at how small the Seek is in my hand! Don’t you love technology? Scott Country are the masters of all this new technology and they sent me a hand-held unit, the Reveal Pro from Seek, which is about the size of a smartphone (if a little thicker). The FastFrame version will provide a smoother viewing experience than the standard model will, particularly when objects are moving. The Seek Thermal Reveal ShieldPRO Thermal Imaging Camera is a lightweight, weatherproof, rugged, IP67-rated personal TIC optimised for law enforcement professionals. I don’t aim to review the Reveal XR FF in the survey and census role, leave that to the semi pro imaging units such as the Pulsar and Guide systems, but Seek bring us a unit that could be of great use in Deer track and recovery. Someone who uses their dog to the full range of its abilities, and is passionate about that, still has positives about thermal imaging. I suspect that some leaseholders will ban the use of them, but they are a good tool in the right hands. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This unit is not however, suited to the wider uses of Deer census and counting, or for searching across long distances. Finally, the lightweight Seek Thermal Reveal ShieldPRO Thermal Imaging Camera includes a rugged, over-moulded casing that protects it from the elements. Developed by Alpha Sales and I think that gives a balanced argument for the units in the Deer-tracking field. RRP: £609.99 _____ You may also like: Review: Nite-Site Mountable Rangefinder The Seek Reveal XR FF is a small, pocket sized, budget (£419.95) thermal imager that has its limitations, but is effective in the battle against lost, injured animals. THERMAL APPLICATIONS 111 Castilian Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93117 USA Seek Thermal engineers, designs and manufacturers high quality thermal imaging products and core platforms for consumer, commercial, and heat sensing IoT data applications. We make affordable, high-resolution thermal imaging cameras. The RevealPRO FF is the professional version of the predecessor model “Reveal” and is characterized in particular by a higher resolution and functional scope. Don’t you love technology? PASS Ltd, 1 Wilson Street, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, TS17 7AR. Reported by Andrea Smith and Michael Nunez November 18, 2015. For added performance in poor lighting conditions, or just to help you see where you're going, the Reveal PRO also includes a built-in 300 lumen LED torchlight. Equipped with a extremely high performance 320 x 240 pixel thermal detector, the Reveal PRO produces excellent quality thermal images and stores them all on its built-in 4GB hard drive. Cable Avoidance & High Voltage Cable Tools, High Voltage Proximity & Personal Detectors, All Thermography & Night Vision Equipment, Body Temperature Screening Thermal Cameras, Automation & Industrial Safety Thermal Cameras, Law Enforcement & Security Thermal Cameras, Medical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Dry Well / Thermocouple & Temperature Calibrators, 110V & 230V Site / Construction Equipment, 230V & 110V Extension Leads & Cable Reels, 110V, 230V & 415V Sockets, Plugs & Couplers, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Copyright 2020 PASS Ltd. Company No: 4457106. Anything with a temperature above absolute zero or -273C (ish), gives off a thermal signature. With the RevealPRO FF, Seek Thermal is setting new records for performance in its price class for thermal imaging cameras. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. There will always be pros and cons for any unit out there, the key is being able to use the units in relation to your experience, your competency with the imager, and the confidence that you aren’t going to distress an animal further by pushing it on, hoping that the thermal imager will lead you to it. It will see the smallest of heat signatures out to a suitable range for tracking and indicate that “something” is there for you, and the Reveal will also lead you onto a downed animal once you’re in the general area. Put simply, a thermal imager looks at the infrared spectrum, including the visible light range, and converts the thermal energy signature into electromagnetic energy to display on the screen of your imager. Over the coming months we aim to bring you the gloves off truth about the different thermal imagers available to the Deer management world, from census and cull planning, to tracking and follow up of shot or lost quarry.

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