It was about a month ago that Nintendo announced that it’s sunsetting the 3DS. „Shakedown: Hawaii“ parodiert große Business-Imperien und die zwielichtigen Geschäfte, die damit einhergehen. This is the first 3DS update in almost a year. As a homage to numerous 8-bit video games, Retro City Rampage incorporates design elements from many different genres, and features 16 graphical filters that simulate various retro computers and game consoles. Nachdem die Zahlung bearbeitet wurde, werden die Inhalte auf die Konsole heruntergeladen, die mit deinem Nintendo-Account (oder, im Falle von Wii U und den Systemen der Nintendo 3DS-Familie, deiner Nintendo Network ID) verknüpft ist. Für weitere Informationen zu diesem Produkt klicke bitte auf die Schaltfläche unten. Abhängig vom System-/Konsolen-/Hardware-Modell, das du besitzt, und deiner persönlichen Nutzung desselben, kann ein zusätzliches Speichermedium erforderlich sein, um Software aus dem Nintendo eShop herunterzuladen. To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. 100% Upvoted. From Nintendo itself you’ve got games like Super Mario 3D Land, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Fire Emblem Awakening. Der Inhalt kann vor dem offiziellen Erscheinungstermin nicht gespielt werden: {{releaseDate}} . Bei Spielen, die Cloud-Streaming-Technologie verwenden, kann nur die kostenlose Starter-App heruntergeladen werden. The game is set to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch. Nintendo 3DS Rom Packages; Nintendo 3DS Roms; Nintendo DS Demo Roms; Nintendo DS DPG Movies; Nintendo DS Firmware; Nintendo DS Homebrew Games; ... Nintendo Switch Scene Roms; Shakedown_Hawaii_eShop_NSW-VENOM; Shakedown_Hawaii_eShop_NSW-VENOM : Description: Image: no image available : Size: 153.18MB: Download: Register to Download this file: Rating: It was first released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows in 2012, with ports later releasing for several other platforms. In a galaxy not so far away, French company ProtubeVR developed a VR accessory that lets you play the hit VR game Beat Saber with a twist; a Darth Maul twist. The game pays tribute to many titles through its title, storytelling, levels, and character abilities, such as River City Ransom,[7] Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Duck Hunt, Mega Man, Contra, Bionic Commando, Metal Gear, Smash TV, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, among others. Erlebe in „Shakedown: Hawaii“ für Systeme der Nintendo 3DS-Familie eine offene Welt in den Tropen. Developers can still technically release new games and the eShop will remain online, but for all intents and purposes, the 3DS’ life cycle is over. Is this the way to play the game? Build your empire, monopolize the markets, and collaterally re-zone the island's destructible sandbox. Whether it's a rule, or merely an inevitability, if it exists, someone can and will port DOOM to it. As of March 2013, the game had sold around 100,000 copies. Contact us ©2019 Vblank Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Anyone using an external SSD with SX OS? Buy Shakedown: Hawaii on the Nintendo Switch eShop Here or Here (EU). At least for now, there’s nothing planned for Switch. Possibly one of the last major releases for the 3DS is Shakedown: Hawaii from Vblank Entertainment. The 3DS originally launched in 2011, so it’s been around for nearly a decade. Version 11.14.0-46 is out now for all users. PC users received the update for free, and it was included with the Wii and 3DS versions. Data and credits for this game contributed by original. It holds a metascore of 71 on Metacritic. Dieser Inhalt kann von Benutzern erworben werden, die einen Nintendo-Account registriert und die geltenden rechtlichen Bedingungen akzeptiert haben. In December 2019, Nintendo addressed an issue with StreetPass. Sie sind zufällig ausgewählt worden, um an einer kurzen Umfrage teilzunehmen. NoPayStation not showing Shakedown Hawaii? Buy Shakedown: Hawaii on the Nintendo 3DS eShop Here or Here (EU). Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf der Nintendo-Webseite! Question. Shakedown: Hawaii for Citra 3DS Emulator Released on 19th September 2019, an Action-Adventure game Developed and Published by Vblank Entertainment. I never updated my vita because I did not want to undue … Build your own 'legitimate' corporation by completing missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, 're-zoning' land, and shaking down shops for protection money. Provinciano stated that the game contains roughly two and a half hours of chiptune music. Another hole-punched mouse slides into town. Retro City Rampage is an action-adventure game developed by Vblank Entertainment. share. It's Cross Buy and every purchase includes PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Die Zahlung erfolgt mit Nintendo eShop-Guthaben, das über den Nintendo-Account nutzbar ist. Explore the island by foot, by car, or by boat. ia the nopaystation browser but, its not showing up in the game list, also im not even sure If it would work on 3.60.

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