All hardware came in good condition. Ma potresti dover agire in fretta poiché questo prs guitar kits è destinato a diventare uno dei best seller più richiesti in pochissimo tempo. Looking forward to not make the silly mistakes on the first one. Ti aiuteremo a capire se vale la pena pagare un extra per una versione di fascia alta o se stai ottenendo un acquisto altrettanto vantaggioso acquistando l'articolo più economico. This may have been my first mistake because it turns out to be insanely easy to over sand at the edges which can be seen at the edges, but which I somehow missed before putting on the finish coats. As I opened the box and started pulling out all the pieces the first thing I noticed was the maple top it was bookmatched beautifully. with high quality electronic parts and controls. Once the neck was set, I installed all the hardware in the neck and the body. I’ll send pictures when done. In order to minimize contact as much as possible, orders are to be made online and picked up curb side. In breve, non devi crederci sulla parola - ascolta i nostri milioni di clienti soddisfatti. Find out theSolo LP and Unfinished Style DIY Guitar Kit with Mahogany Body, Spalted Maple Top at Solo Music Gear. On this PRK model the pickup switch is located on the sloped part of the body and mounting the switch was a bit tricky. Let me start by saying that this was my first guitar kit build. Il numero e l'importo delle offerte potrebbe non essere aggiornato. Su AliExpress, qualità, prezzo e servizio di alta qualità sono sempre di serie. I had never soldered electronics. Adjustable truss rod. Just finishing up on the finish before putting it together . Sei nel posto giusto per prs guitar kits. Salva prs guitar kit per ricevere notifiche tramite email e aggiornamenti sul tuo Feed di eBay. This kit includes all parts and step-by-step instructions to build a complete, playable custom guitar. Any questions, concerns or suggestions, you deal with the maker. Startseite > Guitars > DIY-Kits. I went with a Dragon’s Breath finish. Timothy Lindsey I worked around that by unscrewing the adjustment pins about as far as they would go. with high quality electronic parts and controls. Again, my fault, not Solo’s. The finish was virtually 3-dimensional, as the look and depth of the grain changes as you rotate the guitar into different positions. Inoltre puoi scoprire il negozio o le singole valutazioni del venditore, oltre a confrontare prezzi, offerte di spedizione e sconti sullo stesso prodotto leggendo commenti e recensioni lasciati dagli utenti. Recommended tools: Solo Guitar Assembly Kit – Set Neck, Robert SOLO Music Gear is the best manufacturer and distributor of Do It Yourself Guitar kits, bass kits, bodies, necks and parts in Vaughan, CA. AliExpress non sarà mai battuto per scelta, qualità e prezzo. Copyright © 2020 Solo Guitars, a Division of Solo Music Gear Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Solo PRK-1 DIY Electric Guitar Kit With Carved Body & Flame Maple Top, Unfinished maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, Threaded hex bushings (flat washers included), Tune-o-matic Bridge with threaded thumbwheel studs and bushings, Stop Bar Tailpiece with height-adjustable threaded mounting studs and knurled bushings. John Cury Give us a call on 1-800-632-SOLO (7656). (verified owner) – May 25, 2020. Ma potresti dover agire in fretta poiché questo prs guitar kits è destinato a diventare uno dei best seller più richiesti in pochissimo tempo. The finish coats were done with Minwax wipeon poly, a very much thinned version of their polyurethane product. Seasonal Acoustic Guitar Care Tips November 13, 2020 Inside Paul Reed Smith’s Home Studio: The Mic Collection November 10, 2020 PRS Product Series: The Breakdown October 2, 2020 PRS Employee Spotlight - Jordan Hoyt // X-Acto Knife Master and Serial Number Writer September 21, 2020 It took Purolator 10 days to deliver an item from a store 750 meters from my house. I’m very impressed with the speed with which this kit was delivered to my door. Per avere un tasso di cambio aggiornato, utilizza il. (verified owner) – November 16, 2020. They were spaced slightly wider than the holes in the bridge assembly, making it very hard to install the bridge itself. Regardless, the quality was good and the fit was spot on. Otherwise, it was a pleasure to assemble and finish this kit. Grandi notizie! (verified owner) – May 30, 2020. Started out with a yellow stain but messed up so I ended up with a gold top on front and gloss poly on the neck, back, sides, and headstock. I did contact Solo customer service for some advice on soldering the electronics, and they were very helpful. Once arrived, please call 1-800-632-7656 with your order number and remain in your vehicle. (verified owner) – August 1, 2017. This gave me enough “play” to get the bridge onto the pins, and then screw the adjustments down a turn or two at a time, alternating between sides to keep it parallel to the guitar body. Per conoscere le opzioni e le spese per le spedizioni internazionali, vedi le singole inserzioni. Went together nicely. I had never set a guitar neck in place. The pickups are what you would expect on a kit priced like this. Aiden Duryba I ordered another one today. This DIY guitar kit has everything you need for building your own PR Style Electric Guitar. As of Monday, June 15 2020, we will be re-launching the local pick up option for orders. Other than that it is a pretty good PRS styled guitar! As far as the kit goes, I would give it 3/5 for the state it came in because of the body scratches and the little neck issue and the nut being just a little too high. [FYI – I posted pictures out on the Solo Facebook page.]. After gluing and finishing the guitar I found that it was not possible to intonate the instrument because the 12th fret to bridge distance was about a centimeter more than the nut to 12th fret distance. The bottom line is that the finished product is great, and I can really take pride in how it turned out.

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