When Supreme left Earth, Suprema took over duties in his absence. Apr 6, 2020 - Explore Scott Isaacson's board "Alan Moore's Supreme", followed by 130 people on Pinterest. For a time, Supreme was the leader of Heavy Mettle, but after defeating the villain Khrome, he moved on. Powers: Superhuman strength able to spar with Supreme; note supreme is image comics superman and has comparable power; and even shatter his spine. Supreme (Ethan Crane) is a legendary superhero in the Image comic superhero universe. Ethan Crane's growing romance with Diana Dane started to falter after he would "get all weird and run away." This new version of Supreme had a secret identity as Ethan Crane, a mild-mannered artist for Dazzle Comics, who received his powers as a result of a childhood exposure to a meteorite composed of pure Supremium, a meta-element that can alter reality. I felt a long, peculiar life well up around me, and even if my life is a tale the Universe wrote only yesterday, it started right there, in that ditch." The subject of an experiment that gave him superpowers, Ethan Crane accidentally killed an innocent, causing him to fight for America to pay for his sins as Supreme. Required fields are marked *, ×  As Supreme's memories "returned," the flashback sequences to Supreme's childhood and previous adventures were told in the style of different periods from comics history. Supreme is a man of unbelievable power, and more than a few flaws. Fat Cobra and Supreme custom action figures by Loose Collector. *Buy Iron Fist toys at eBay. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Soon after, Supreme teamed with a number of other superheroes to defeat the Norse god Loki, who had been threatening reality itself and they were victorious, leaving Supreme triumphant. After those 30 years, Supreme finally came to rescue Suprema. The second Kid Supreme was Danny Fuller[9] after he received super powers during a fight between Supreme and Union. The clichés of the superhero genre were frequently used without Moore's characteristic deconstruction and sense of irony. Supreme became friends with other superheroes such as Professor Midnight and helped form the superhero team The Allied Supermen of America. During the fight, the two switched bodies and Supreme's powers were returned to him. How he came back in time is unknown but he took “Judas” a young woman under his wings and gave her superhuman powers. On his own, Supreme fought the Norse God Thor over the possession of his magic hammer Mjolnir, which Supreme later acquired. The biological future daughter of Glory and Supreme, named Probe, although she once believed that she was a test tube baby until Glory told her the truth. ). Grorrl brought her to the edge of a black hole where time passes differently than in normal space. Although considered to be the most powerful being in the Liefeld universe, he had his share of defeats, including being killed in the cross-title Deathmate Black series (published by both Image and Valiant Comics), losing his powers in Extreme Prejudice, and being brutally killed by Crypt in Extreme Sacrifice. See more ideas about Image comics, Comics, Moores. Image Comics Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. Her new artificial body was endowed with superpowers, but Judy found trouble adjusting to another body and having missed the last 20 years of her life. Created in 1992, Image Comics soon became the home of several comic book series. Moore had written an additional two issues which were never published. Khrome the Conqueror, script by Rob Liefeld (co-plotter) and Brian Murray (co-plotter, script), pencils by Brian Murray, inks by Chris Ivy; Supreme and Khrome battle in Washington DC. After being exposed to the element Supremium as a boy (which he would later learn was created by a time paradox), Ethan Crane gained superpowers as the Teen Supreme and eventually just Supreme. Originally, Supreme was created by artist Rob Liefeld as a violent, arrogant version of Superman for his independent comic book line Image Comics.

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