Write an equation expressing the fact that hydrogen gas and fluorine gas react to make gaseous hydrogen fluoride. When an atom of chlorine reacts it will gain one electron from sodium.The outer shell of chlorine will then have 8 electrons and be full.The chloride ion will have an extra electron and therefore an extra negative charge (shown as a - sign). Make sure the equation satisfies the law of conservation of matter. Chlorine (#Cl_(2)#) is most often seen in these types of problems as a gaseous substance (hence the little " g" on its subscriptSodium (#Na#) is most often seen in its solid form (as a reactant)in basic chem. Na (s) + Cl 2 (g) → NaCl (s) Inspection of this equation, however, shows that, while there is one sodium atom on each side of the arrow, there are two chlorine atoms in the reactants and only one in the products. Sodium metal reacts rapidly with water to form a colourless solution of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and evolve hydrogen gas (H2). The reaction is exothermic. Write a chemical equation to express the fact that sodium metal and chlorine gas react to make solid sodium chloride. (b) Sodium hydroxide solution is treated with acetic acid to form sodium acetate and water. balanced equation to make sodium chloride is made by the help of two elements .These elements are sodium and chlorine .Na + Cl -> NaCl.It is a balanced chemical equation. Atomic Structure. sodium + oxygen sodium oxide. gcsescience.com 22 gcsescience.com. A page showing Balanced Chemical Equations for The reactions between Sodium and Oxygen, Aluminium and Chlorine, Aluminium and Oxygen, Calcium and Chlorine, Magnesium and Bromine . Consider the reaction between sodium metal and chlorine gas to form sodium chloride (table salt): {eq}\displaystyle 2Na(s) + Cl_2(g) \longrightarrow 2NaCl(s). Atomic Structure. The Reaction between Sodium and Chlorine.. Chlorine has 7 electrons in its outer shell. The resulting solution is basic because of the dissolved hydroxide. (a) Nitrogen gas is treated with hydrogen gas in the presence of a catalyst at 773 K to form ammonia gas. An equation describing this process is shown below. Write the balanced chemical equation for the following equations for the following reaction and identify the type of reaction in each case. Make sure the equation satisfies the law of conservation of matter. problems like this as well (hence the little " s " on its subscript) If we combine these two we get table salt (#NaCl#) which itself is a solid substance. In another example of a chemical reaction, sodium metal reacts with chlorine gas to form solid sodium chloride. It is in group 7 of the periodic table.. Below are more examples of balanced chemical equations showing state symbols.

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