Geist-Honored Monk Since Teysa Karlov gives an additional trigger from creatures dying, regardless of who controls them, we can find creatures that care about that. This enchantment turns any creature our opponents control into a treasure when it dies. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. But we ideally want to be setting up prosperity from death and Teysa Karlov‘s amplification of it, not telegraphing it. Most of the other updates are simple optimization, with Mana Crypt and Mana Vault replacing Orzhov Signet and Talisman of Hierarchy, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx replacing a Swamp, Vindicate replacing Mortify, and Cartel Aristocrat replacing Bloodflow Connoisseur. My goal was to help you understand the philosophy behind building a focused Commander deck. And that is essentially my guide for the deck. Contact | New Perspectives, Have a suggestion for us? Spooky Sacry Orzhov Queen. Once we answer those questions, the deck can be molded with more focus. Follow them up by casting things that have extremely powerful death triggers (and most likely cost more than our Commander) and prosper as all of these things will be doubled thanks to our Commander. Discord Server | Lightning Greaves Carrion Feeder Save your removal for the cards that are actually a threat to our strategy, rather than throwing it willy-nilly. Mortify Because they cost six or more, casting Teysa on turn four would be less than ideal since she’d be sitting on the battlefield doing nothing. As you might notice, many of these ramp cards play into our sacrifice theme, which is great for this deck. , What cards am I looking for?" Teysa makes that two, so after just five deaths it turns into a win-condition. With a nice suite of removal spells, we should have no trouble feeding our hungry Vampires. Elenda is a little better in this deck since she makes tokens and that’s our goal, but my previous concerns are still applicable. Enlightened Tutor Anointed Procession and Elenda, the Dusk Rose both cost four mana, meaning they compete with our Commander. . Do we play Teysa Karlov or Elenda, the Dusk Rose? Teysa, Orzhov Scion We also run the following recursion cards so we can get them back to start a combo: Now, you're probably thinking, "Okay, I've got my tutor and/or recursion. That is not easy in a low-ramp color combination like Orzhov. One of the other infinite sac combos involves, The other main infinite sac combo in the deck involves, M20 and Various Optimizations — Doing anything at instant speed should never be understated, and being able to surprise our opponents with an effect that is amplified by our Commander to a damning degree is extremely powerful. Now that we have these “three horsemen” established, what can we do with this Commander? If you have any questions, suggestions, tips, or if you feel I should have covered something that I didn't, please comment below and I'll do my best to answer. can make a lot of difference, ensuring we don't miss any land drops, and the sooner you can get out Blood Artist Skullclamp Gain some life? Join me next time when I analyze the thirty-one different ways to play Ramos, Dragon Engine. First and foremost, we should look at what cards are great to have, regardless of the build we choose. This combo is the main reason we run Five mana isn’t too steep a price to pay, and once again this doesn’t fight with our Commander on when to play it. Carrion Feeder July 17, 2019. Reveillark into our graveyard. , the combo involves assembling infinite sacrifices while Archon of Justice is a great example of this: it comes down at five mana right after Teysa Karlov, has a powerful death trigger, and is a 4/4 flier to boot. Remember, your main goal is to establish a sac outlet, a creature to sac, and something that will trigger when it dies. This deck is on a semi-budget, so you will notice that the land base isn't optimal, and I'm missing some powerful artifacts and tutors such as Imperial Seal , and the like. , All of these are valid strategies and it’s up to us to pick the one(s) we want to pursue. . Swamp (9) Keep in mind that Teysa will add TWO counters to it for every creature death, which adds up quickly. TCGplayer Core Value #5. Lastly, Massacre Wurm costs six, gives us a bit of a board wipe ability, and hits opponents for two life every time one of their creatures dies. This can be repeated infinitely. Reveillark Grave Pact Karmic Guide Exquisite Blood Land Tax Luckily she can grow herself from things dying, which Teysa would be able to add an additional trigger to. Elenda comes down next turn and we’ve set the board up to where Elenda now needs attention from our opponents, except now if she dies then we get two 1/1 tokens in her place instead of the one. That’s quite expensive, but once it enters the battlefield we immediately get to kill something an opponent controls. Elenda can be a great card to play in this deck, but ultimately it comes down to needing other pieces on the board like a Viscera Seer so that an additional creature will die. Isolated Chapel Secure the Wastes This sets you up to combo off next turn (or even the same turn if you have the mana), by simply casting Teysa Karlov comes down and our situation is more or less the same: Doomed Dissenter has no way of dying by our own force, but at least if it were to somehow die we would gain two tokens in its place. Our main goal is to assemble what we'll call a "Blood Artist" combo. Reveillark has been one of my favorite characters in the MTG universe since I first got into the game years ago. It’s overall a great card to have. When building a Commander deck, it’s easy to “slam all the best cards in my Commander’s color identity into the 99.” But that’s much less rewarding than focusing on what we want to do, sculpting our mana curve, and watching the machine we’ve built go to town. Smothering Abomination Her upside is high, and the longer we can keep her alive the better, but she takes a lot of attention to make her work. Opal Palace Scoured Barrens Elenda, the Dusk Rose Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. The point here is that Elenda, the Dusk Rose makes it harder for us to pick the “right” choice. Sure, it excels at killing our opponents’ creatures, but the payoffs are more expensive and thus even riskier. Pitiless Plunderer Patron of the Vein is extremely similar: it’s a 4/4 flying vampire who kills a creature an opponent controls when it enters the battlefield, only it puts a +1/+1 counter on each vampire we control including itself. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the deck! Syr Konrad, the Grim Swarm with tokens? Reveillark The problem that arises is her inability to kill anything for her own growth. The Professor’s #1 Top Pick For Magic: The Gathering Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Portfolios, And More.

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