Seriously, this is the sort of sauce that you’ll be craving for days once you’ve tried it. Chelsea- that’s what I did. Definitely have to almost double the amount of chicken. Amazing! His request for his bday dinner. This week I’m making your pancakes with blueberries for breakfast and these for lunch. Not sure how it would freeze? ?? I need to try making them at home ASAP! Made this tonight and loved it. In batches place 6 tortillas on a microwave safe dish and microwave 40 to 50 seconds to make them pliable so they don't crack. These are made with white corn tortillas, poached chicken breasts and a light coating of queso fresco, this dish is satisfying but won’t weigh you down – SO good! Serve enchiladas topped with cheese, a drizzle of crema, sliced onion and cilantro. In fact, these might be the best enchiladas we’ve tried so far! I have never liked the bottled ones. I can’t believe this is dieting. My guess is ok. Looks amazing. Hi, how would these do with corn tortillas?! homemade chicken stock or low-sodium chicken broth. Quick question – does Queso Fresco melt? Some of the links included are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. These look wonderful & I can’t to try. You’re such an inspiration! Was not able to find Queso Fresco at my grocery store, is this a common ingredient? Can you clarify how to dip them exactly? Now let’s just stop for a hot second, this might be up for debate, the whole flour vs. corn tortilla situation, but I’ve tested these various ways and the flour wins every time. I label them with the contents, date and baking instructions and then toss them into the freezer. love that salsa verde…. Made the salsa too! The difference is you yielded less, so the points are different. These are […]. The cons: Chicken was completely tasteless, they lacked texture, bottom of enchiladas were definitely soggy. can you make these the day before and cook them the next day? I’ll be making these again for sure next week and will tag you with a picture. Forever in the freezer, […] – Chicken Enchiladas Verdes is the name of the game tonight! Peace… D. Enchiladas made with corn tortillas freeze very well and actually turn out better than flour tortillas. Do you think they will freeze well? Thank you! I ended up adding fat free cream cheese to the shredded chicken. I’m trying to live without one for the time being. We strive to keep the information as accurate as possible. It takes more time, but it’s worth it to keep the tortillas intact. I googled and found this brand is non GMO: or of course you can make them from scratch! love it xoxo, 1 week in the fridge. I will by them again! You can heat them wrapped in foil. I topped with the 1 cup salsa and the queso fresco cheese (found in the dairy section in wWalmart). Swab bottom of a baking dish (appx. Mexican food is probably my biggest weakness and this was more than satisfying! Traditional Mexican green chicken enchiladas, made lighter! Want to make these tonight. Let sit over low to medium heat until it easily lifts with a thin rubber spatula. Traditional Mexican green chicken enchiladas, made lighter than the typical restaurant dish served throughout the US. Since I’m only feeding a family of four I baked off 16 with the salsa Verde and froze the rest, with no sauce. I’ve made these twice so far. I will certainly be a regular on your site. Pre-heat the oven to 450°. Being so close to the border and having perpetual sunshine makes it always feel like a party. I cooked it the same amount time and same ingredients. They’re amazing and contain just corn, water and traces of lime. AMAZING! I cooked the chicken in my instant pot, made a double batch and am freezing some for later. The original recipe calls for frying the tortillas before dipping them in the salsa. It was mesmerizing to watch these two little Sonoras take a small scoop of the corn dough into the palm of their hands. This batter makes 12-14 tortillas. We encourage readers to make their own calculations based on the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator.To calculate Net Carb count with sugar alcohols, we simply subtract grams of sugar alcohols (including glycerin), as well as fiber, from total grams of carbs. One pound of chicken was barely enough to make 12 enchiladas. I’m a label reader and I avoid chemicals as much as possible. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! I like to get all my ingredients gathered together for pressure cooking. These were delicious. Okay, these were amazing! Absolutely delicious, my family loved it! I love when the hot plate comes out with the enchiladas and all the fixings! That really helps. Chicken Enchiladas Verdes are by definition perfect. If I understand one of your replies, can I assemble it all in the morning so I can head off for a bike ride then then just bake it in the early evening? I just love how you cook with real, fresh food and spices. So making it! All the while you have already made the low carb tortillas or you are concurrently making them. Looks Great! Sorry! Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Drizzle the olive oil over onion, poblano, and tomatillos on a baking sheet and roast until vegetables are soft and browned, 35–40 minutes. As much as zi would love to make the sauce, in a pinch would Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde work? I love most of your recipes, but I agree with others, this had no flavor. I was checking to see if anyone else had that problem. Seriously, this is the sort of sauce that you’ll be craving for days once you’ve tried it. try these and LMK what you think! Why is that? it’s 425!! I added sliced black olives and green chiles to the top of the chicken when I rolled them up, with just a pinch of cheese. I used Herdez Roasted salsa verde. Omg – I made these tonight with some store bought (refrigerator one) verde salsa. Top with the remaining green sauce and then pile on the cheese. The recipe list calls for 3 cups of salsa verde yet then the instructions just say to pour one cup of sauce, plus what you use to dip the tortillas in. Working one at a time, fry tortilla, turning once, until just starting to brown and crisp, about 10 seconds per side. I just remove the skin and take the meat off the bone and cut it up or it shreds. Thank you for ALL your amazing recipes! Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. The Trader Joe’s Chicken Enchiladas Verde are absolutely fantastic, but this is mostly due to the verde sauce. Let cool slightly before peeling the skin off the poblano. Buy Now, What's Gaby Cooking: Both cheeses are white and crumbly but that is where the similarity ends (unless you eat only with your eyes–lol). Thanks for sharing!! The taste is great. Amazon #1 Best Seller Buy Now. I only got 12 enchiladas with my lb of chicken though. I didn’t see one in the recipe index and I loooooove your red enchilada sauce recipe! You must be reading my mind because I just made a salsa verde dish. Love your blog and cookbooks! Place seam side down in prepared baking dish as you go, fitting them all in. Maybe I put too much on mine, and that’s why they fell apart? Thank you! I buy Food for Life brand sprouted corn tortillas, found in the frozen bread section of my supermarket. If anyone ever says there is a better green enchilada sauce than this then they’re lying. Thank you for all your great recipes! I made 2 substitutions- I had roasted butternut squash in the fridge so I mashed and used in place of sweet potato. Made this last night and it was delicious, added some minced jalapenos for some kick. I just made this a few weeks ago and they were divine! I poached the chicken in chicken stock seasoned with S&P, roasted garlic powder, ancho chili powder and cumin. Add in kale (or spinach), salt and pepper and stir around to wilt the leaves for 3-4 minutes. mine too! Traditional Mexican enchiladas made with white corn tortillas, chicken breasts and queso fresco. Just made these enchiladas using Gina’s homemade salsa verde recipe (doubling it as she recommended in the comments section).

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