This took me on a progressive journey of getting rid of pretty much all that I owned, consuming less and less, minimal electricity and heating, down to eating one meal a day. The warden was usually a very old tree growing on the lot near the home. But I told him about the event anyway, not expecting anything since it’s so last minute and his business is two counties away, and he immediately said, "I want to be the Presenting Sponsor." Wasn't feeling very connected so went directly into the Bow to feel into wherever the heck the tension is that needs to be released or realigned. Now as you exhale, you do so clockwise downwards, bringing the soul more deeply into your field, your sovereignty and your embodiment. If you resonate with this at some level, I'd say it relates to a much higher, less rigid, way of being and creating in the Universe that perhaps you already know, and at some level expect. You're working to unwind attachment to an outcome, but simply to facilitate free flowing energy through relaxation. I have been avoiding feeling it my entire life ! The family living there had such great respect for the tree that they would often adopt a surname related to the name of the tree. A cabalist’s group originating from France did it in the 13th century. It could well be that there are conflicting movements of consciousness happening. It's funny isn't it, that you might get this as a philosophy, but then suddenly you draw a refelection, the veils fall, and suddenly, you see EVERYTHING is a reflection! Specially from those who have learned to be quiet, accepting and hide under protective veils. When I re-realize for the thousandth time that everything in daily life is a creative reflection of my core Self/Twin Flame that is ALREADY at the Source and IS my Source, and She is lovingly, inexhaustibly, perfectly drawing me back, I can't help but start laughing uncontrollably. If we consume less and less, then the corporations would cease to exist in their current form. Here are some interesting and touching examples: For nearly twenty years, Pachamama Alliance has worked to protect the South-Central Amazon region of Ecuador—at the invitation of the indigenous people who call the region home—from oil and other exploitive industries. The Phil Collins song "In the Air Tonight" came on while contemplating and meditating on this earlier today, which is about allowing someone to drown through inaction. And even Artificial Intelligence cannot be bigger than the whole of life. This is the Tree that the initiate climbs to return to the source and is the Tree of evolution or initiation. I recollect instances in school system where I had enough of shaming and decided to stand up for myself. (And for anyone else out there reading, there are great jems here in the inquiry. It's spiritual old hat these days to say "everything is interconnected". Life seems fixed and solid, it seems like you can control it a degree, and we are indeed a long way from the nearest black hole - but crucially, not when contained within the illusion of time space. In Malaysia, people maintain a very intimate relationship with trees. Let's get out and protest, yes. In the Native American sun dance and the European May pole dance traditions, dancers attach themselves to the central pole, a symbol of the World tree. I read an article that talked about abandonment and avoidance as strategies we employ in our intimate relationships and it hit home and how ! I also 'see' fantastical geometrical shapes that make more sense to me now that I follow your crop circle explorations . Life becomes not about trying to contain grains of sand through grasping fingers. Most importantly, what I've discovered, is that when the Torus is flowing within you, then everything comes into harmony, everything flows and works in life itself. They are amazing microcosms of exchange and flow of water, nutrients and gases. Then the Universal Torus will always support you. It's a beautiful juxtaposition - who is being the 'supervisor' here! From a depth psychology perspective, the tree is seen as a powerful symbol of growth, as the tree is the only living thing that continues to grow throughout its lifetime. Prayer – mentally or verbally express your desire to receive synchronicity (you don’t have to be religious to pray – you can pray to whatever you believe in). Openhand is helping people develop their own Spiritual Compass within our course program. The tree is also a symbol for the true self and serves as a positive, healthy model for the unfolding development of both psyche and spirit. The substance of spiritual thought is the "food" that is good. Come Alive: Live Each Day With Mindfulness, 5 Reasons You Need to Start Hiking in 2019, Podcast: Dr. Lydia Dugdale on the Lost Art of Dying, Podcast: Jacqueline Suskin, Spontaneous Poet, Podcast: Lama Rod Owens, Buddhist teacher and activist, Podcast: Rev. So this is how we got to be where we are and what's happening now (from my reflective perspective). The crucial issue being that they're slightly out of sync. Trees provide many analogies to human development. Under this World Tree, the Buddha transformed all negative temptations and energies and achieved perfect enlightenment. Consider this beautiful commentary from Thich Nhat Hanh reflecting on a tree leaf: “I asked the leaf whether it was frightened because it was autumn and the other leaves were falling. The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual and mythological traditions around the world. Put simply, there is a spiralling flow inwards to the source (a vortex) and a converse one outwards. Ok, so I am going to not reread and revise the above, but just post it here for now and see what happens!

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